German Artist Katharina Grosse is Having a Moment in the Art World

November 30, 2020

A German contemporary painter, Katharina Grosse is best known for her wall-size paintings and even bigger installations made of seemingly incompatible materials and surfaces. She uses nature and architecture as the basis of her compositions, creating abstract, psychedelic works comprised of layers of expressive colors, canvas and other striking components. Her works erode the distinction between two and three dimensions and radically expand the scope of painting.

The artist is having a moment in the art world with four exhibitions currently on view around the world. König Galerie is hosting At 30 Paces She Could Split a Playing Card, Hamburger Bahnhof is hosting It Wasn't Us, Hall Art Foundation is hosting a show simply titled Katharina Grosse and Baltimore Museum of Art is hosting Is It You?.

At 30 Paces She Could Split a Playing Card at König Galerie

Exhibitions at König Galerie and Hamburger Bahnhof

Titled At 30 Paces She Could Split a Playing Card, the exhibition at König Galerie brings Katharina Grosse's new large-format works on canvas and plywood, created in Berlin and New Zealand. In these two bodies of work, the artist reflected these different locations in terms of manners of painting and in differing family resemblances. The works made in Berlin studio are characterized by broad, transparent swathes of color blended into one another and by a certain prevailing chromaticity, while the New Zealand ones feature reserved multi-colored quality of the sharply separated paint slashes juxtaposed with a largely black portion.

The exhibition It Wasn't Us at Hamburger Bahnhof transforms the space into an expansive painting that radically destabilizes the existing order of the museum architecture. Spanning the Historic Hall as well as the outdoor space behind the building, disregards the boundaries of the museum space in a grand and colorful gesture. "I painted my way out of the building," said Grosse about her work. This all-encompassing experience brings together colors and forms, natural and man-made surroundings and its visitors as participants. 

Katharina Grosse - Is It You?

Exhibitions Hall Art Foundation and Baltimore Museum of Art

The exhibition at the Hall Art Foundation brings together examples of both her studio practice and site-specific work including a suite of recently completed large-scale paintings on canvas and works on paper, in addition to the monumental fabric piece, oT from 2013.

The exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art brings together five recent paintings and a new site-related environment, Is It You? - an immersive installation that transforms the central gallery in the Contemporary Wing. The installation is comprised of a spray-painted cloth from the ceiling, extending it across the floor, and creating an enveloping “room” with undulating walls. 

Katharina Grosse, Exhibition view at Hall Art Foundation, Schloss Derneburg, 2020. Photo by Roman Maerz

Where to See Katharina Grosse's Art

The exhibition At 30 Paces She Could Split a Playing Card is on view at König Galerie in Berlin until December 12th, 2020; It Wasn't Us can be seen at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin until January 10th, 2012; Hall Art Foundation is hosting Katharina Grosse until August 31st, 2021; while Is It You? is on display at the Baltimore Museum of Art until January 3rd, 2021.

Featured images: Katharina Grosse - KG100620_017. Photo by Jens Ziehe; Installation View of At 30 Paces She Could Split a Playing Card at König Gallery, 2020; Katharina Grosse, Installation View of It Wasn't Us at Hamburger Bahnhof.

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