Kelly Reemtsen Paintings are Smashing Glass Ceilings to Liberate Women in New York Exhibition

September 19, 2015

Smashing is the title of the exhibition that will open at De Buck Gallery in New York. The visitors of the show will have a chance to see amazing artworks by American artist Kelly Reemtsen, who is known for her candy-colored paintings of women. Kelly Reemtsen exhibition at De Buck is featuring works where the artist explores the position of women in contemporary society. Through her art, the artist poses a questions regarding a paradoxical status of being a female in (what is sometimes called) post-feminist society. By exploring the idea of breaking the glass ceiling, Reemtsen paintings are built upon the motif of elegantly dressed women yielding tools and household equipment.

kelly reemtsen exhibition
Left: Kelly Reemtsen - Up and Away / Right: Kelly Reemtsen - Executive Decision

Kelly Reemtsen – Feminism and Art

Kelly Reemtsen is Los Angeles-based artist who has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. The artist’s work is also a part of the Twentieth Century Fox and AT&T corporate collections. Her 2013 book “I’m Falling” was the recipient of The Independent Spirit Award at the 2014 Independent Publisher Books Award. Reemtsen’s work can be easily linked with the feminist art movement. She explores those social patterns that constitute the modern woman, breaching the traditional gender roles and their visual representations (even in erotica, there are many great artists exploring the representation of a female body. Take a look at art of Cynthia Westwood). This is something that can be traced throughout Reemtsen’s body of work, including her latest pieces. Stylized by a thick impasto and a bright, cheerful color palette, the artist’s works juxtapose the feminine in the form of the fashionable (and anonymous) figures, with the masculine, often aggressive, items, such as sledgehammers, axes, and chainsaws. The characters in her paintings rarely reveal their heads or faces, which are either obscured or cropped out entirely. Recurring motifs in her works have included cotton candy, iridescent bubbles, and gem-like pills, rendered with multi-colored contour lines.

kelly reemtsen exhibition
Left: Kelly Reemtsen - Smashing / Right: Kelly Reemtsen - The Breakthrough


During the exhibition of Kelly Reemtsen at De Buck Gallery, the visitors will be able to see some of the artist’s latest pieces. In keeping with the glass ceiling idea, the figures that inhabit the works in Smashing are headed upward, as Reemtsen adds in a visual element of climbing in many of her paintings. Alongside their accessories, the women are fitted with office chairs or ladders that allow them to reach new heights, both literally and figuratively. The depicted clothing might be linked to the vintage feeling. Still, the themes of the Kelly Reemtsen’s paintings are very important in our contemporary society, when women make great strides in the professional and political realms.

kelly reemtsen exhibition
Left: Kelly Reemtsen - On Top / Right: Kelly Reemtsen - Spotted

Kelly Reemtsen Exhibition at De Buck Gallery

Kelly Reemtsen uses different media in her art, including paintings and sculpture. Her art is both aesthetically and conceptually rich; therefore you should not miss the Smashing show. The exhibition featuring Reemtsen’s paintings will be on view from October 8 until November 14, 2015, at De Buck Gallery in New York City. The opening reception will be held on October 8 from 6-8pm.

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Featured Images:
Stiff Competition, detail; To The Top, detail; Striking Distance, detail.
All Images courtesy of De Buck Gallery.

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