Artist of the Week - Kris Kuksi

October 15, 2015

It has been a while since we had the artist working in sculpture as our Artist of the Week. One of the most interesting figures in the world of contemporary sculpture and definitely one of the leading artists in the field of fantastic realism, Kris Kuksi deserves all the respect he gets from the art connoisseurs. Eerie, grotesque and marvelous in their complexity, his carefully assembled mixed-media pieces are delicate representations of the frivolity of humankind, its fallacies and deeply hidden potentials for greatness. Often described as a strange mixture of baroque influences and post-industrialism, the art of Kris Kuksi fluctuates between the old world inhabited by the divine figures and futuristic scenery, marked by the decadence of our modern materialistic world. A great news for his admirers and those not yet familiar with his artistry is that the outstanding sculptor Kris Kuksi is currently presenting his new works at the Amalgamation exhibition in New York.

Kris Kuksi – The Master of Fantasy

Sculpture isn’t the only medium Kuksi works in. This Kansas-based artist started his career in drawing and painting, but he swiftly turned towards three-dimensional medium as a more complex and artistically rewarding practice. Throughout the years, Kris Kuksi has developed a unique and intricate approach to sculptural practice, which gained him the recognition among the peers and collectors. Most of his works are meticulous assemblages made of different ready-made objects from plastic model kits and knick-knack figurines to toy miniatures and jewelry pieces. These elements are re-cut, re-shaped and assembled into extraordinary compositions, bringing to life dreamlike scenes, reminiscent of the baroque aesthetics. All these small pieces of the final sculptures are hand painted, and their assembly sometimes last for months until the harmonious compositions are finally achieved. If not for the quality of the artworks, the artists efforts only and dedication to the smallest particularities of the sculptures would be sufficient to place this artist on top of our favorites. But there is much more to Kuksi’s artistry than his technical perfection. Masterfully assembled these pieces are also bringing the complex narratives about the timeless features of the human psyche, and societal conflicts old as the civilizations.

Amalgamation in New York

A couple of months ago we wrote about an amazing exhibition put up by the Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York, featuring historic and contemporary works by some of the best artists working in the field of visionary art. Kris Kuksi’s sculptures were amongst those displayed at the exhibition and after some time we have the honor to present his latest body of work which will be on view through mid-November. While we speak, Kris Kuksi’s solo show entitled Amalgamation is opening at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. Over the course of the exhibition, the visitors will be able to see eight new sculptures made in the artist’s recognizable technique bringing to life the stories of human greed, carelessness and downfall of the humankind watched over by the peaceful godlike creatures. The juxtaposition of those raging and conflicted miniature human figures and graceful deities underlines the idea of human decadence, humankind moving downwards from their ideal versions. Thrilling and beautiful in their intricacy, the sculptures of Kris Kuksi are a true pleasure to look at, so delicate and complex that the viewers can stand in front of them for hours trying to uncover all the details and read all the tales brought to life by the artist.

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Widewalls artist of the week
Kris Kuksi - Imminent Utopia, 2008. Mixed media assemblage 72 x 132 x 20 inches

Widewalls artist of the week
Left: Kris Kuksi - Der Ubermensch of the Post-Post World Calamity Variety, 2013. Mixed media assemblage 54 x 48 x 16 inches / Right: Kris Kuksi - Triumph, 2012. Mixed media assemblage 110 x 78 x 30 inches

Featured images:
Kris Kuksi portrait. Photo via
Kris Kuksi - Imperial Fowl, 2013. Mixed media assemblage 31 x 33 x 9 inches
Kris Kuksi - A Neo-Roman Landscape, 2010. Mixed media assemblage 36 x 48 x 14 inches
Kris Kuksi - Psychoactive Animalia
Kris Kuksi - Sedation

All images courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery

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