La Luz de Jesus Presents: Marquez and Binger

January 8, 2015

For those who want to revisit the aesthetics of the American culture that inhabited the 50's and the 60's, stop by the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles over the weekend. These memorable years of the modern US history came back to life in the series of paintings made by American painter, writer and video artist, Hudson Marquez. The likes of Ike Turner, Johnny Ace and Little Richard are just some of the famous figures from the 50's and 60's portrayed in the Marquez's work. Alongside his pieces, the La Luz will also present body of work made by a long-passed fellow painter, known to the wider public as The Illustrator. The name is, of course, Charles Binger, and this is a rare opportunity to witness or even buy the work of this veteran author.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Charles Binger - Judgement

Rhythm and Shoes

Hudson Marquez is a Louisiana child born in New Orleans in 1947. After his numerous journeys and travels, road led him to San Francisco where he settled for major part of his career. In SF he was one of the partners included in the creation of the Ant Farm and the co-founder of the TVTV video collective in 1972. For this series that celebrates the middle of 20th century in US, Marquez found inspiration in the prominent faces that roamed the streets and filled the murky pubs of the San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Names like Freddie King, Blaze Starr and Candy Barr are faces he portrayed as he tried to bring the tales of the RnB stars from the past to life. In his early life he was heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the Burbon Street stage the 500 Club and Gunga Den. In those first childhood experiences the thing that stuck in his head was the shoes that filled the dance floors of the pubs. The backing rhythm of the RnB bands stuck as well and so the story of Rhythm and Shoes came to life.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Hudson Marquez - Red

Monroe's favorite Illustrator

Besides being famous as the author who created three most memorable film posters depicting Marilyn Monroe, among them the Niagara and River of no Return, Charles Ashford Binger had a noteworthy career as an artist. He was born in UK but he rose to prominence during his time spent in Hollywood. Besides the film posters, he is known for his commercial pieces which includes pulp novels and celebrity portraiture in a career that began in 1920's and ended 50 years later, in 1974 when he passed away. Binger's was recognized for his impeccable composition, rendered in a painterly style over roughened textures. Some of his most famous of artworks are his science-fiction paperback covers which portrayed the masterpieces like The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury & Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. His skillful approach in portraying vulnerability of the women and ruggedness of the man brought him the attention in the growing post-war pulp market. This is the second time in 45 years his works are open for display and first time ever they are available for purchase.
La Luz De Jesus Gallery will open the duo show on 9th of January and it will run until the February 1st.

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La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Charles-Binger - Ennuy

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Hudson Marquez - Strapped