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August 1, 2018

Ever since the dawn of art, artists have been captivated by the majesty and mystery of nature. One of the most traditional artistic genres in art history, landscape painting has evolved greatly and broke all boundaries, becoming a subject for experimentation both in the figurative and abstract art. With novel approaches to depicting nature, contemporary landscape artists continue to push the limits of the genre.

Sourced from our ever-growing marketplace, we present you ten landscape paintings that you can own right now!

Featured image: Duncan de Kergommeaux - Lake Huron (detail), 1986. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Susan Breen - Landscape I

Briefly working in photography, Susan Breen has switched to painting as her primary medium but continued to draw influences from her photography work. Today, she is best known for harmonious contemporary abstractions with hints of organic elements in various states of flux.

Breen often paints scenic, representational imagery of trees and fauna, with a particular penchant for birds and their temperament. The work Landscape I from 2012 is representative of her current visual language and is characterized by bright, vivid colors.

Find out more info about the work here.

Terence Netter - Promise Land

A renowned American painter and professor, Terence Netter was a former Jesuit priest who entered art with Abstract or Action paintings. By 2006, Netter had become a devotee and practitioner of Zen Meditation, which had a great influence on his practice. After moving to the farmhouse in the Loire Valley, France, the artist shifted to landscapes painted in a unique minimalist style.

Seeking peace in his heart and mind, Netter reflected this in his paintings as well. The work Promise Land from 2015 captures the special light of the region, offering a feeling of serenity. On the other hand, patterned details create a rhythm and quiet energy.

Find out more about the work here.

Wolf Kahn - Untitled, Landscape

The German artist Wolf Kahn is best known for his delicate landscapes characterized by gentleness and tranquility in hand, as well as peculiar coloring. Creating intense compositional and formal relations, the artist aims to keep a fragment of memory to a certain place and moment.

One of his earlier works, the painting Untitled, Landscape is characterized by astonishing contrasts expressed with oil and pastel. The unique convergence of light and colors combines pictorial landscapes and painterly abstraction, creating utmost atmospheric qualities.

Find out more info about the work here.

Duncan de Kergommeaux - Lake Huron

Over a career spanning six decades, the Canadian painter Duncan de Kergommeaux has been moving from the formative abstractions of the 1950’s through his linear abstractions and illuminated cube paintings of the 60’s, the systemized process-oriented grid paintings and support-specific drawings of the 1970’s, on into the more recent painterly embellishments of the landscape.

Created in 1986, the painting Lake Huron reflects his interest in process, form, abstraction and perception.

Find out more info about the work here.

Henrietta Harris - Mountains

The Australian-born and New Zealand-based artist and illustrator, Henrietta Harris works with paper, pen, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and occasionally gold leaf. Characterized by clean brushstrokes, her dreamlike and distorted paintings show amazing technical skills and a fusion of naturalistic and surrealistic approach.

Best known for her dreamy portraits, Harris also creates landscape paintings usually depicting lofty mountain scenes, such as this work from 2016.

Find out more about the work here.

Alexander Calder - Landscape

Best known for his delicate mobile sculptures, Alexander Calder also produced a significant painterly oeuvre. His two-dimensional works served as a way to organize and contextualize his ideas about movement and the relationships of objects within what he called the system of the universe.

In the work Landscapes from 1975, Calder relies exclusively on simple patterns and hues, resulting in a unique take on one of the most traditional painterly genres in the history of art.

Find out more info about the work here.

Rene Genis - Untitled (Landscape)

A French 20th-century painter, Rene Genis is best known for his landscapes and still lifes, his fauvist use of color, and strong compositions. His unique color palette is characterized by very transparent blues and greens. Each of his works is imbued with a certain elegance and serenity.

The lithograph Untitled (Landscape) undulates between developed forms and areas of flat color. There is a distinctive harmony between the scene depicted and the formal qualities of paint.

Find more info about the work here.

Delphine Brabant - Landscape IV

The French artist Delphine Brabant is best known for her sculptures which juxtapose the horizontal and vertical position. In her process, she explores the dance between shadow and light, balance and imbalance, and strength and fragility. She works with a variety of materials such as bronze, steel, concrete, plaster, clay, stone or wood.

Unleashing the true nature of the material used, the work Landscape IV from 2013 is imbued with powerful spiritual and elemental characteristics.

Find out more info about the work here.

Calo Carratala - Fisher on the Maranon River, Jungle series

An acclaimed Spanish artist, Calo Carratalá specializes in landscape painting. An avid traveler, Carratalá has taken in myriad landscapes, from the Amazon to Colorado, the Alps and the Pyrenees and up to the forests of Norway.

The work Fisher on the Maranon River, Jungle series from 2014 captures nature in all its power - both troubling, even worrying, and really grand inciting admiration and contemplation.

Find out more info about the work here.

Feng Ge - Paysage

A Chinese painter who currently lives and works in Marseille, Feng Ge creates a pictorial synthesis between East and West, being able to understand the difference and similarities in the two cultures and art forms. Ge’s artistic experience can reflect the style of the studying artists of his generation, especially the confusion and struggle of this culture.

The work Paysage constitutes a mature artist's overall style.

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