Leading Artists Capturing the Surrounding Landscape at Centro Botin

Exhibition Announcements

June 23, 2018

The Centro Botín is about to showcase a rich selection of works from its own Botín Foundation collection. This exhibition, titled The Reconfigured Landscape, shall feature artworks by both distinguished Spanish and international artists, all of whom started creating art during the final decades of the 20th century.

To make matters even more interesting, most of the pieces chosen to appear in the show have never been exhibited to the public before.

The Reconfigured Landscape will provide a captivating survey of the varied approaches art practitioners relied on upon in capturing their surrounding landscape.

Julie Mehretu - Epigraph, Damascus, 2016
Julie Mehretu - Epigraph, Damascus, 2016. Photogravure, sugar lift aquatint, spit bite aquatint, open bite, Hahnemühle Bütten 350 gr. 6 panels, 248 x 574 cm. Edition 10/16 + 2 AP

Artists Chosen to Participate

The Reconfigured Landscape will incorporate works by individuals who've directed some of the Botín Foundation’s Plastic Arts workshops in Santander, where they co-existed with beneficiaries of the organization's Grant programme. Many of these burgeoning creators are already considered to be key figures of their generation, such as João Onofre, Sara Ramo or Ignacio Uriarte.

Other than those three, viewers can also look forward to seeing works by the likes of Leonor Antunes, Lothar Baumgarten, Tacita Dean, Joan Jonas, Irene Kopelman, Julie Mehretu and Oriol Vilanova, among others.

Primarily thanks to an interesting generational mix, the exhibition opens a lot of room for analysis and offers an interesting perspective on the artistic practices of the 21st century.

Additionally, the showcase hopes to highlight the formal freedom artists of the past fifty years have been consolidating over.

Oriol Vilanova - The night was a color, 2017, Installation / Miroslav Balka - 196 X 230 X 141, 2007, Steel, wood, light bulb, sensor
Left: Oriol Vilanova - The night was a color, 2017 (in process). Collection of 700 postcards related to the night, 10 x 15 cm c / U. Installation, variable dimensions / Right: Miroslav Balka - 196 x 230 x 141, 2007, Steel, wood, light bulb, sensor, 196 x 230 x 141 cm.

Artworks of The Reconfigured Landscape

In addition to an array of paintings, works on paper and sculptures, on view there will also be videos and multimedia installations. As a result of such diversity, Centro Botin shall be transformed into an arts facility that embodies the avant-garde of artistic research in recent decades.

Benjamin Weil, the artistic director of the Centro Botín and the main curator of this exhibition, has high hopes for what The Reconfigured Landscape will be able to offer to its viewers:

We can consider this exhibition to be a journey through the artistic landscape of these past years in which the artists have looked for different ways of representing the world around them.

Tacita Dean - JG, 2013
Tacita Dean - JG, 2013. 35 mm anamorphic film. in color and black and white with optical sound, in continuous loop. 26' 5''. Edition 1⁄4 + 1 PA

Analyzing Landscapes Through an Art Exhibition at Centro Botin

By featuring a rich selection of artworks and comparing them against each other, The Reconfigured Landscape will reveal how artists came up with different ways of representing and incorporating landscapes into their compositions. Additionally, it will also offer visitors a historical perspective of the work of the past decade kept within the Botín Foundation.

The Reconfigured Landscape, an exhibition of the finest works from the Botín Foundation collection, will take place between the 23rd of June and the 6th of October 2018, on the first floor of the Centro Botín in Santander, Spain.

Featured images: Lothar Baumgarten - Montaigne, Pemón, 1977-85. Installation: 18 photographs (gelatin silver prints) and drawing on the wall, 66.6 x 84.5 x 5.08 cm each. Drawing on the wall, variable dimensions; Ignacio Uriarte - The Kingdom, 2013. Permanent marker on paper. 9 drawings: 61.5 x 87.5 x 4 cm each (with frame); Irene Kopelman - Indexing Water, 2017. Multimedia installation, dimensions variable; João Onofre - Ghost, 2009-2012. HD Vídeo, colour, sound, 14' 06''. Ed. 5/6. All images courtesy of Centro Botin.