Lazarides visits Conor Harrington

May 18, 2014

The Irish former graffiti artist Conor Harrington still paints murals worldwide to considerable acclaim, while enjoying a meteoric rise in his gallery career. In anticipation of Harrington’s upcoming solo exhibition later this year, Lazarides has visited the artist's studio. Marking the artist's New York debut, the exhibition titled Eat and Delete this autumn will showcase 10-12 distinctive new large-scale canvases in continuation of the themes first explored in his 2012's “Dead Meat”.

Urban art
Conor Harrington - N Gatz we Trust (2010)

Men of Power

Looking at men of power within the setting of an 18th-Century feast, Harrington examined the legacy of an era when European power was at its peak in the context of today’s society. Harrington raids art history, particularly the tradition of painting, as he samples classics and reworks with free association within the context of the 21st Century. With Eat and Delete, the artist continues his investigation of this period and exposes the hypocrisy of empire, status and wealth accrued through less than wholesome means.

Urban art
Conor Harrington - A saint with the powers of Superman (2007)

Theatrical Journey

Harrington's large-scale paintings fuse realist figurative work inspired by old masters with abstractions taken from the graffiti scene that nurtured his talents. What’s more, he combines and permeates oil on canvas with spray paint. For the latest body of work, Harrington spent time at the National Gallery before commencing it, alongside his usual decadent photo-shoots, taking us on a theatrical and cinematic journey from beauty and opulence towards violence and destruction.

Urban art
Conor Harrington - L'amour et la Violence

Eat and Delete

Lazarides announces that Eat and Delete will be one of Conor Harrington's most impressive displays to date. We bring you the sneak peak of Harrington’s work in progress, which is recently shared on the gallery’s website.

About Lazarides

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Urban art
Conor Harrington - Holy Smoke Quintet Part Five (2010)

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