Behind the (Hi)Story of Street Art - Le Grand Jeu at UAF Paris

April 15, 2018

The first time I met Christian Omodeo was two years ago, when Italian street artist Blu removed all of his murals from the walls in Bologna, ahead of a street art exhibition which he curated. In 2017, he was in charge of the film screenings at Urban Art Fair in Paris, where he is also present this year with his book store.

In fact, if you’re ever in the French capital, make sure you stop by Le Grand Jeu, as they have finally opened a physical space after being present online for more than five years. It is an incredible place, created with love by a man who has been a passionate book collector for a long time. But the truth is that Christian Omodeo is much more than that - a former teacher, he is also a producer of events and even films, always resourceful and a pleasure to talk to.

To confirm this fact there are numerous happenings and projects he will be a part of in the next few months that he’s listed for me towards the end of our chat at UAF Paris - quickly yet efficiently, because he’s busy talking to the many visitors of his booth. Among them? A list of videos of street artists in conversation with the Louvre, a movie which premieres at Tribeca soon and a street art festival in Italy opening next weekend.

Want to know more? Have a listen to our chat below!

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The Man Who Stole Banksy - Trailer

Louvre - Dialogs with Street Art, Trailer

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