Max Blotas and Gabriele Dal Dosso Create Light Art at Molin Corvo Gallery

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March 22, 2017

Light and the effects it produces on objects have been fascinating artists for ages. In recent decades, light art has given the light a central stage as the main expressive medium and tool for artists. Soon coming to the Molin Corvo Gallery, the exhibition Light Works is conceived as the random meeting of artists Gabriele Dal Dosso and Max Blotas who use light to give a new expression to their artworks. While Gabriele Dal Dosso approaches and matches two natural materials such as wood and glass to concretize a new chapter of the CUBO DI GABO series, Max Blotas establishes a non-exhaustive index of lugubrious sets with his drawings.

lighting installation presented studio lights design and sculpture
Left: Gabriele Dal Dosso - Cubo di Gabo M³.N.W1 / Right: Gabriele Dal Dosso - Cubo di Gabo M³.N.R1

The Practice of Gabriele Dal Dosso

Italian-born artist, Gabriele Gabo Dal Dosso applies the meditative practice to art. His plastic research headed to the transformation of a philosophical idea in a tangible object gave birth to his CUBO DI GABO series that consists of diverse prototypes, varying in their size, color, and structure. Taking a cue from the Möbius strip structure, Dal Dosso creates an infinite play of dichotomies such as in/out, open/closed, finite/infinite to fall apart. Created by the surprisingly malleable three-dimensional form of the cube, he makes these dichotomies lose their known connotations and boundaries. As a geometric alchemy, a particular case of squaring the circle, the series allows the artist to explore new glimpses of thought otherwise inaccessible and meditate at physical scales different from the ones we’re used to in our everyday life. This time, the artist is making an illusion out of it, thus setting in a double image, drawing and neon, the 2D reproduction of one of his philosophical objects. Each CUBO DI GABO is a geometric translation of the famous verses from William Blake's Auguries of Innocence:.

"To see a world in a grain of sand
and a heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour."

lighting installation design in the room was very creative
Gabriele Dal Dosso - Cubo di Gabo M³

The Lighting Installation of Max Blotas

A French-born artist, Max Blotas often explores some deeper meanings while oscillating between the production of mechanical-electronical machines and a constant practice in drawing. His steel mechanical volumes in the form of boxes-suitcases play the role of containers for miniaturized and inaccessible spaces. Questioning the invariable idea of infinity in the form of continuous rotation, this tension makes a fundamental disappearance and a profound solitude visible, through devices yet laughable and interactive. On the other hand, his drawing practice shows fragile architectures in ink. By displaying these imaginary spaces of frozen decorum, he aims to make the notion of the interior show through. He also deconstructs reality through science fiction, proposing it as emptied of every living being. The collection of drawings presented at the exhibition aims to help realize a brand new grimoire of black magic on an electronic ink book.

the city has a international festival using a design lighting
Left and Right: Max Blotas - Le Démon à l’Âge Classique

Light Art at Molin Corvo Gallery

The works of these two contemporary artists create a dialogue beyond the work itself. Whether tracing it with a laser on wood or drawing with an ink pen on a simple blank paper, they emanate the strength escorting the stroke. The exhibition Light Works will be on view at Molin Corvo Gallery in Paris from March 22nd until April 1st, 2017. The exhibition will be on view each day from 1 to 6 p.m. by appointment only.

Featured image: Max Blotas and Gabriele Dal Dosso, Light Works (details). All images courtesy of Molin Corvo Gallery.

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