Lisbon Art Travel: Tradition of Street Art and Love for the Walls with Pauline Foessel

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July 4, 2015

First and only time I had stayed in Lisbon has been one of the most beautiful springs I heave experienced in my life… A city which welcomes Street Art like no other, a joyful community of residents and their tourist guests, almost perfect climate and a landscape of hills, bridges and the ocean are more than a perfect reason to list Lisbon in one of our favorite destinations for our Art Travel Special series.

When somebody mentions Lisbon and Street Art in one sentence, there is quite a good chance that a big number of us will think of a man who has left a significant mark on the face of this subculture and art movement we cherish so much – Alexandre Farto aka Vhils. And, nobody would blame you. Devotion to meticulous work and different take on urban interventions have made Vhils one of the most inspiring and intriguing artists working today.

With this in mind, together with our idea to show you all the beauties Lisbon art travel can offer, Widewalls editorial team set out on a task to find a person who could be our guide through the abundance of art and culture of the streets of Portuguese capital… We have found a perfect voice to lead our virtual tour of Lisbon – Underdogs Gallery co-director Pauline Foessel.

We had so many questions for Pauline and she had managed not only to answer everything we were interested in, but show us even more… We talked about neighborhoods one must visit in Lisbon, how to plan a perfect Street Art day in the city, where to find the most beautiful murals in the world, which hidden spots in the city might interest art lovers who are on the road, and so on… Much more than this, our story about Lisbon was always a story of a tradition of Street Art which can be felt in Pauline’s every sentence when she talks about the city’s love for art and culture. Apart from this, you will be able to find out what projects and exhibitions of Underdogs Gallery are awaiting us in the coming period.

Pauline’s guidance and her insight in the art life of Lisbon was an invaluable source of inspiration for our series on art travel in Portuguese capital, so be sure to check out Urban and Contemporary Art Galleries in Lisbon You Should Visit and Lisbon Art Travel Special: Capital Reinvented Through Urban Art!

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All images are courtesy of Underdogs Gallery.

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