Livio Ninni Collaborates with 6 Urban Artists at Punto618 Art Gallery

March 1, 2016

Murals have had a rich and long history almost as old as man himself, and with the ever-present street art in the modern society, murals appear in every major city in the world. Not only does it inspire and bring forth new talents, this form of artistic expression has drawn artists of various caliber to it. Many of the photographers have decided to record street art, taking photos of the making process, the life of the artists and the finalized street art pieces. One such young photographer is Livio Ninni, and in the latest collaboration with six urban street artists he combined his photographic skills and enthusiasm with their practice, creating mesmerizing work. Presenting the conjunction of these two worlds, Punto618 Art Gallery displays both in the newest exhibition fittingly named Mesmerize.

urban artists
Livio Ninni and Corn79 - Mesmerize Exhibition

The Collision of Worlds

Featured in the exhibition are six street artists: Corn79, Etnik, Fijodor, Petani, Tenente and Vesod. Along with the young Turin photographer Livio Ninni, they form a unity greater than the sum of its parts; in this collision of worlds, photography and muralism come together to form pieces that fall out of the usual boundaries of the artists. Each of the artists already enjoys a revered reputation in the world of street art, implementing their own respective nuances and details into their refined artistic styles. Tying them together with the photography of Livio Ninni, known for several photo reportage collections on the world of street art, the exhibition portrays a new type of visual language born out of the conjunction. Although young, Ninni is the winner of the Nikon Talents 2013 Award with the project Over the wall.

urban artists
Livio Ninni and Fabio Petani - Mesmerize Exhibition

A Mesmerizing Effect

Displaying pieces that draw and hold the attention in an almost hypnotizing manner, the exhibition name was naturally inspired after the English verb “to mesmerize.” Truly, the interaction between these two forms does nothing less than mesmerize, as the collaboration between the artists experiments and investigates the uncharted territory of their individual artistic practices. As a duality of worlds in its own right, the exhibition itself can be divided into two parts, displaying both new artistic languages formed out of a close relationship and research of new techniques as well as the individual mural work of each artist that portrays their own attractive potential. With their combined efforts and creative backgrounds in photography and mural works, Livio Ninni and the six street artists bring a new layer of art to the table, captivating the viewers in the process.

urban artists
Livio Ninni and Mr Fijodor - Mesmerize Exhibition

Mesmerizing Exhibition at Punto618 Art Gallery in Italy

Bringing together six street artists and an Italian photographer, the exhibition taking place in Italy promotes the existing potential found within the realities of these urban artists, while giving birth to a new visual language through an experimental artistic collaboration. With the guidance of Claudia De Giorgis’ commentary and specifically aimed texts, the virtual tour along the walls of the gallery will fascinate the viewers, mesmerizing them. Starting March 13th at 5PM, the exhibition titled Mesmerize opens at the Punto618 Art Gallery in Turin, Italy, and will be on view until April 24th, 2016.

Featured image: Livio Ninni and Mr Fijodor - Mesmerize Exhibition (detail). Images courtesy of Punto618 Art Gallery.

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