Arte Povera's Luciano Fabro in his First London Show in Two Decades

December 3, 2017

Organized in collaboration with the Archivio Luciano e Carla Fabro and Micheline Szwajcer, Simon Lee Gallery prepared a majestic solo exhibition of Italian artist Luciano Fabro's fabled work. This retrospective will zero in on his historic artworks from the early 1960s, pieces that helped define the conceptual pillars of Arte Povera.

Interestingly, this will be the first time the artist's work is presented in London since the landmark show that took place at the Tate Gallery in 1997.

The upcoming exhibition will be an homage to a leading figure in the landscape of post-war Italian art who wrote important chapters of contemporary art history by re-evaluating sculptural form and its relation to space.

Exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery, 2017
Luciano Fabro, exhibition view at Simon Lee Gallery, London, 2017

The Retrospective of Luciano Fabro

For the most part of his career, especially during the timeframe the upcoming show at Simon Lee Gallery will be focusing on, Luciano Fabro was mainly concerned with the environment of both the art and the viewer.

As a result, his works would explore the framing of space with a simplicity designed to induct the viewer into a participatory experience.

Luciano Fabro thrived in works that treated sensibility and seeing as symbiotic.His later and more mature pieces may have employed sumptuous materials such as silk, marble and bronze, but the works of this latest show incorporated experimental artistic poetry that eventually turned out to be the creative roots of the man's near five-decade-long career.

These early artworks demonstrate a formal minimalism and narrative restraint, and treat the notion of space as their main creative concern.

Exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery
Luciano Fabro, exhibition view at Simon Lee Gallery, London, 2017

The Factor of Space

In terms of materials and forms within a concrete space, these works locate them in the very physical and conceptual environment of the audience. As a result, the viewers encounter these artworks both as sculptures and studies of sort.

Luciano Fabro once said this when he was asked to define what role space plays out in his artistic practice:

Just as a bent piece of iron expresses the force that was exerted upon it, just like a thrown stone gives a center to the borders of a puddle, a finger indicates the direction of a gaze; in the same manner, we move in a space by means of solicitations of impressions.

There will be a rich selection of works present on the program of the upcoming Simon Lee Gallery exhibition. Embodying the essence of his investigation into modes of perception, the Metalli and Vetri will be taking central stage.

One of Fabro’s first works, Tubo da mettere tra i fiori (Tube to Place Among Flowers) will also be there, bridging the natural and the artificial. The celebrated In Squadra (Square) will be making an appearance as well, and the celebrated four glass works from the 1960s will also be included in the show.

Two Pictures of the Upcoming Exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery
Luciano Fabro, exhibition views at Simon Lee Gallery, London, 2017

Luciano Fabro Art Exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery

The upcoming show will offer a genius re-evaluation of sculptural form by relying on the rigorous approach to spatial context, material and meaning Luciano Fabro demonstrated during his lifetime, the very approach that saw him become the centerpiece of Arte Povera. As the case usually is with massive retrospectives, a special catalogue will be prepared for the viewers.

The upcoming exhibition of Luciano Fabro, the first London show of this Italian artist's works in twenty years, will take place between the 30th of November 2017 and the 6th of January 2018 at Simon Lee Gallery in London, UK.

Featured image: Luciano Fabro - Five Pictures of the Exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery, London, 2017. All images Courtesy of the Archivio Luciano e Carla Fabro and Simon Lee Gallery / Photo: Todd-White Art Photography.

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