Close-Up Studies by Machiko Edmondson in Exhibition at UNIX Gallery

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February 29, 2016

UNIX Gallery is proud to present Machiko Edmondson’s Everything in Equal Measure, a unique study of paintings that investigates the peculiar hyperreal “anti-portraits”. The artist’s first solo exhibition at UNIX Gallery is inspired by the principles of the philosopher Jean Baudrillard, by beauty and gender. Machiko Edmondson is one of the artists that creates something more than just a visual expression of emotions and views on the world, she also incorporates the element of philosophy and questions the relationship between reality and the usage of symbols in the world of today.

Moonage Daydream, oil on canvas, machiko edmondson unix gallery new york exhibition
Machiko Edmondson - Moonage Daydream, 2016

Machiko Edmondson – Hyperrealism

Edmondson manages to lure the spectator into her hyperreal portraits, or, as she refers to them, “anti-portraits”. Seemingly looking as your run-of-the-mill fashion photographs, upon second viewing you begin to fathom the depth of the message Machiko Edmondson’s works convey. Mesmerising portraits, cropped into perfect squares, entice the viewer into an almost hypnotized stare. Exquisitely detailed eyes that almost see right through to the spectator’s soul, feathers, locks of hair and veils that frame these faces as well as the airiness and the delicacy with which the paintings were created, compel the viewer into an almost completely intimate experience. The artist is no stranger to using single-bristle brushes to paint the details of each lash, iris and eyebrow hair. All this brings these portraits into the realm of hyperrealism but at the same time brings about the surreal experience of the viewer.

Rhetoric, oil on canvas machiko edmondson unix gallery new york exhibition
Machiko Edmondson - Rhetoric, 2015

Fashion Photography as Machiko Edmondson’s Inspiration

Although Edmondson’s artwork does not fall into the category of fashion photography, it is nevertheless a big inspiration for her oeuvre. The artist entices the viewers in with the momentary allure of fashion photography, but unlike the instant gratification of simple fashion editorial, Edmondson’s art shows more than just an idealized version of female beauty. Her work is unburdened by gender and identity, her hyperreal faces surrender to unease, to the perpetual search for perfection that the society pursues.

When Under Ether, oil on canvas, machiko edmondson unix gallery new york exhibition
Machiko Edmondson - When Under Ether, 2016

Everything In Equal Measure in UNIX Gallery

Perhaps the most striking feature of Machiko Edmondson’s paintings are the alluring eyes, commonly described as the windows to the soul. This description is especially suitable for her work since the eyes are the first thing that draws the spectator in to examine the portraits more closely. As always, experiencing the windows to the soul is more intense in the real world, not via the computer screen, and Edmondson’s pieces definitely deserve a trip to the display room. Allow yourself to be submerged in the sea of magnetizing beauty, try to catch the glimpse of exceptionally detailed eyes, experience these mysterious faces and give them a personality, gender, backstory. Be completely immersed in the paradoxical qualities of Edmondson’s works. The captivating images that occupy Machiko Edmondson’s canvases will be on display in the famous UNIX Gallery. Everything In Equal will be on view from March 3rd to April 2nd, 2016, with the opening reception at the Chelsea Gallery, 532 West 24th Street, on Thursday, March 3rd from 6 to 8 PM.

Featured images: Dichotomous, 2016 - detail, Dichotomous, 2016 / I Love You Till Tuesday, 2016 / Ellipsis, 2016 / Cadence, 2014. All images courtesy of UNIX Gallery and the artist.

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