4 Major Artists gather at Magma Gallery to Tell their Urban Tales

April 14, 2016

Magma Gallery is proud to present the works of four artists, Tellas, Martina Merlini, Made514, and Hazul, who are proving to be the most interesting and evolving internationally young urban street and graffiti artists. The presentation of the works of these four artists, allows the audience to get a better understanding of the contemporary art scene of today since the different approaches and styles of the artists offer this insight. With this exhibition, Magma Gallery continues with its research and promotion of the Urban Art and aims to be one of the principal galleries that support this growing and most exciting form of art today.

magma gallery
Left: Tellas - 30 Feet Under, 2015 / Right: Martina Merlini - Untitled, 2015. Images courtesy of MAGMA Gallery

Just Give Us Paint

There is no limitation to the materials or the surfaces used to produce their vibrant and partly abstract works of the four artists presented in this exhibition. Most of their works are found in different streets and cities around Europe. Hazul Luzah is an artist whose work predominates on the streets of Porto, the second largest city after Lisbon. This self-taught artist, developed his, now recognizable style, with the blending of classical lettering, transformed into undecipherable, decorative calligraphic forms. Concentrating on the production of his work that follows a continuous line, his urban tales painted on the different streets aim to communicate and share the vibrant color. Similarly, the youngest artist exhibiting in this exhibition, Martina Merlini’s works is in constant evolution. From illustration to geometrical abstraction, the evolutions of her works lead this Bologna-born artist, to explore different materials and forms of expression, ranging from graphic art, street art, and installation. Her recent works show the artist interest in using the materials such as wax and enamel, applied to poor materials such as paper and wood, expressing the constant search for the powerful geometrical balance that this artist is now known for.

magma gallery
Left: Made514 - Get It Fresh # 13 / Right: Hazul - Lightbox. Images courtesy of MAGMA Gallery

The New Nature

Out of the four artists presented in this show, it is the Italian contemporary artist, Tellas that illustrates the most organic, personal and intimate visions of the natural landscape and the influence of the non-urban space for the creation of his delicate and intricate works. Exploring the complex combination of form and space, Tellas' works range from street art, paintings and paper works. The merging of the soft and sharp elements, that is referenced in the Tellas’ works combining nature and graffiti and street elements, the fourth artist of this exhibition, the artist Made514 illustrates with the use of his sharp lines that merge with soft abstract shapes. The most ‘figurative’ artist of this group, Made514 uses elements typical to abstract expressionism. The explosive drippings and impulsive gestures are used to transform the letters into fluid shapes, creating work that is confusing yet at the same time recognizable for the public.

magma gallery
Left: Tellas - April / Right: Hazul - Untitled. Images courtesy of MAGMA Gallery

Magma Gallery Presents the 4 Urban Tales

The Magma Gallery, based in Bologna, is proud to invite the pubic to the opening of the exhibition 4 Urban Tales running from the 16th April until 28th May, 2016. For this occasion, two of the participating artists of the exhibition, Martina Merlini, and Made514, have realized a mural in the gallery space and with this contributed to the transformation of the space that only emphasizes the playful and experimental character of the Urban Art today. This experimentation is evident in the works of all the four artists presented in this exhibition. Their different tales have elements in common and the most predominant one is, the love for art and the process of creation.

All images courtesy of the Magma Gallery and the artists. Featured images in slider: Tellas – For Cagliari Capitale della cultura, 2015, Cagliari, photo by Antonio Pintus; Made514 – Installation view, Magma Gallery, Bologna; Hazul – Amour Amour, detail; Martina Merlini – Installation view, Magma Gallery, Bologna; Marina Merlini - Lemur Ok; Made514- Installation view, Magma Gallery, Bologna.

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