Three International Street Artists Explore the Endless at MAGMA Gallery

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April 14, 2017

Explore what lies beyond the limits at the MAGMA gallery group show titled Endless, which will present works by three international street artists – Aris, Martina Merlini and Nelio. Their works aim to carry us away from the bounds of our normal sensibility and explore what lies beyond human limits. Imagination is the key carrier allowing us to overcome this limited state of condition and perceive ourselves as free beings. An exploration of the infinite is what brings these three artists together in their latest show in Bologna.

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Nelio - Mural San Miguel de Allende, 2017

Exploring Unknown and Urban Territories of the Endless

Ever since birth, human beings constantly face the limits of their own existence, knowledge, and sensibility. The three artists are trying to move beyond this concept of boundary and border, thus making it lose its negative meaning and creating conditions for a new and inexhaustible potential. This potential can be explored freely only through imagination and art, where even the impossible becomes real. Aris, Martina Merlini and Nelio create their own visual language which plays a game with paths and traces. The subtle compositional elements are perfectly balanced in their movement towards the endless and unknown. They use thick textures, nuanced figures, and deceptive superimpositions of shapes in order to make the viewers go beyond that which is represented within the frame.

Facebook New Aris, Untitled 2015
Left: Martina Merlini - Untitled / Right: Aris - Untitled, 2015

Uniting Three New Imaginative Spaces

Aris blends different forms together in order to create a new, hybrid and confusing dimension where the references to the phenomenal world are only vaguely evoked, enveloped with the surreal visual effect. On the other side, the French artist Nelio also explores the abstract shapes but through a continuous motion of perceptual illusions and reference games. Finally, in Martina Merlini's artistic research the geometric abstraction becomes a fundamental expedient to investigate human nature, which is perpetually placed between the rational and the irrational. All these styles merge in the fundamental research of the paradoxical position of a human being, constantly aware its own limitations but at the same time always trying to overcome them.

New Aris Mixed Media on Facebook
Aris - Mixed Media on Paper 2016

Finding Freedom at the MAGMA gallery group show

Since the essence of their work is in exploring unknown territories and investigating the limitless hinges of reality’s weave, all three artists manage to create unique and abstract spaces which allow the viewers to become completely immersed in their imagination. Their works will be on view from April 22nd till June 26th, 2017 at MAGMA gallery in Bologna. The opening night of the Endless exhibition will happen on Saturday, April 22nd, from 18.30 onwards. Do not miss this unique opportunity to explore your own imagination, triggered by the creative abstractions by Aris, Martina Merlini, and Nelio.

Featured images: Martina Merlini - XV Classes, Nelio - Prelude 2 2017, Nelio - Prelude 2017. All images courtesy of MAGMA gallery.

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