Matt Bilfield at Krause Gallery

March 22, 2015

The Krause Gallery in New York is organizing an exhibition of works by Los Angeles-based artist Matt Bilfield. The artist is well-known for his interesting television graphics where the vantage point dictates the image in an effort to engage the viewer. His work is under big influence of Roy Lichtenstein. The exhibition is entitled It's in the Eyes.

Matt Bilfield at Krause Gallery
Matt Bilfield - "Im Free Monday"

The Art of Matt Bilfield

The Bilfield’s oeuvre is quite difficult to define. He does sculptural paintings, or wall sculptures, installation pieces or three-dimensional pictures, all created on the trail of Lichtenstein’s pop art, while rendering current, reduced topics through female close-up portraiture. The source material on which Lichtenstein based his pictures was selected for its wealth of authentic detail, and for its dependence on pictorial conventions; another critical factor was that he was working not from original works but from reproductions. Lichtenstein took his imagery directly from comic books and advertising. Rather than emphasize his painting process and his own inner, emotional life in his art, he mimicked his borrowed sources right down to an impersonal-looking stencil process that imitated the mechanical printing used for commercial art. This unique Lichtenstein’s style is quite similar the Bilfield’s one. Matt Bilfield is drawn to specific outlets to express his inner visions. Therefore, the natural choice in his career was to be a graphic designer. In the framework of the television graphics the artist creates, he noticed it was always the image that constantly changes as the viewer watches. In conceptualizing a series of artwork, he wants to create pieces where the vantage point dictates the image and abundance of color, in turn activating the viewer. Where the television screen has the screen framework as its boundary, he wants to extend that boundary to the dimensions of the room itself. His idea is that everyone viewing the art gets his or her own unique perspective. Bilfield enjoys the challenge in creating the subject matter for his work. His goal is to push the amount of emotion he is able to portray using a methodical medium that forces him to make definitive color placement choices.

Matt Bilfield at Krause Gallery
Matt Bilfield - Blind Love

It's in the Eyes

In Matt Bilfield’s new series It's In The Eyes, he wanted to expand the way his work engages the viewer.  While the medium itself encourages special interaction, it’s the subject matter that creates a different emotional connection through its narrative.  One of the many reasons Bilfield is been drawn to this medium is the challenge of capturing organic emotion in a methodical format.  Bilfield has been an animator for Fox for 8 years now, and having always worked on a digital art format, his physical art is made up of tangible pixels that a viewer can not only see in person but also walk around and experience on an emotional and physical level.  In his new series It’s in the Eyes, by obscuring the eyes with various imagery or by obstructing the eyes altogether, his hope is to encourage the viewer to connect their own individual experiences to the pieces, in turn creating an entirely unique experience for everyone beyond the computer or television screen.

Matt Bilfield at Krause Gallery
Matt Bilfield - Marital Ambition

Matt Bilfield at Krause Gallery

The latest works by Matt Bilfield from the series It's In The Eyes will be shown at Krause Gallery. The exhibition of the artist will be on view from April 4th until May 3rd, at Krause Gallery in New York.

We wrote about Matt Bilfield's participation at group show Emerging to Established II, at Krause Gallery. You can also check out the analysis of the recently held  Prints and Multiples auction at Christie’s auction house in London, where some important works by Roy Lichtenstein were sold.

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Matt Bilfield at Krause Gallery
Left: Matt Bilfield - Forever / Right: Matt Bilfield - Anonymous

Featured Image: Matt Bilfield - untitled

All images courtesy of Krause Gallery.

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