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March 17, 2017

The innovative approach to printing in Maximilian Prüfer art allows him to capture traces of even the smallest living creatures, by using the unique Naturantypie technique. Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer is soon going to host an exhibition titled Brut, showing and examining his latest discoveries with this innovative printmaking technique, which is used to trace the trails of ants, snails, and even the tiniest markings made by fragile wings of a fly, thus questioning the concepts of movement, patterns, time and space. He has recently been awarded City of Augbsurg’s Art Prize for the influence on visual arts with his highly experimental philosophical and artistic investigation.

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Maximilian Prüfer - Schmetterlingsdrucke, Detail

Every Movement Becomes a Picture with Naturantypie

Maximilian Prüfer has been developing the Naturantypie technique for six years, his personal printing technique which allows him to record even the most fragile acts of change and self-representation of natural phenomena, mostly insects, but also other life forms which become poetically alive on his papers. He does this by making the surface of the printing area sensitive enough with specially coated paper which serves as a seismograph of the smallest states of existence, managing to capture even the slightest movement of the traces left behind by ants, snails, and sometimes even something uncapturable as water. Even though the entire process of creating works like this seems to be a matter of chance, he slightly intervenes with the patterns by using traces of scent or bait, constantly inventing new possibilities of pre-determining the direction of movement.

contact us for press release by contemporary german artist prüfer from 2016
Maximilian Prüfer - Schmetterlingsdrucke

In Dialogue with Nature

The artist mostly explores the behavior of living creatures when exposed to certain situations - the ways of their self-organization and the possibility of perceiving regularities within their structures. He then puts his findings in relation to the human behavior and seeks for differences and similarities on a philosophical and sociological level. This method allows him to see the most complex processes behind evolution with a new dimension of clarity and insight. Exploring even the slightest modes of existence like the motion of water, or the vividness of dead fishes, Prüfer seeks for the unity which lies between and behind all living things, as well as the potentiality of every single moment to manifest itself on the sensitive surfaces he uses as seismographs. The works also put forth the question of representation and identity, since the artist allows his subjects to represent themselves; thus dealing with a self-illustration of specific creatures rather than with his own illustration of them.

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Maximilian Prüfer - Regenbild

Maximilian Prufer Art at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer

The exhibition of these highly philosophical and poetic works titled Brut will be on view from March 23 until April 29 at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer. The visitors will get a chance to discover the complex processes behind Maximilian Prufer art, and witness the simplicity of works created by an innovative printing technique. See the unseen and immerse yourself in a unique poetry of a world where all the mysterious natural processes become visible.

Featured images: Maximilian Prufer - ^1 Schneckenbild, 2015, Maximilian Prufer - ^1 Schneckenbild (Detail), 2015. All Images Courtesy of the Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer.

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