Urs Fischer at MOCA and Sadie Coles 2013

December 25, 2013

The highly imaginative artist from Switzerland, Urs Fischer, is known for his contemporary urban approach in art production creating the transcendental, eclectic expression in various of media. His work cannot be exactly categorized, as he is one of the truest representatives of the postmodern era. His art is inspired by unpredictable natures of historic styles of the XX century, namely Dada, Pop Art, conceptual art and surrealism. This year alone, Urs Fischer has presented four great exhibitions, of which two are especially attention worthy - the four month long endeavor at MOCA, Los Angeles and the present one at Sadie Coles, London.

Clay art
Urs Fischer - Melodrama at Sadie Coles

Urs Fisher at MOCA

URS FISCHER exhibition was organized by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and curated by Jessica Morgan, curator at Tate Modern. It encompassed a large number of works produced during the past two decades and it lasted from April through August of 2013. The scale of the show required the occupation of both MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary space at MOCA.

Fisher’s work

Fischer’s artwork was arranged across the two exhibiting spaces representing some of his most important and iconic sculptures, while it constructed a surprising view of both galleries. Sculptural work of Urs Fischer is largely oneiric in nature, executed in a wide range of materials, concepts and spatial orchestrations, whether it is aluminum, wood, or wax, rendered by burning wicks that make a part of the sculpture. Fleeting character of his art is intertwined with the enduring qualities, exposing his unique, distorted interpretation of the real world. Signature imagery was present through glamourous, sexual, macabre and disturbing references contained by his skeleton sculptures, partial figures placed on top of furniture pieces, head shots of 1950s movie stars. This impressive exhibition included a grand collaboration where 1,500 people contributed by working in clay prior to the opening. The show extended to the outside of the museum, where some of small scale sculptures were transformed into colossal pieces. Fischer’s exhibition at MOCA testifies to the imagination, productivity and the artistic valor of the Swiss artist, by unveiling the harmony achieved through balance of the monolithic and the ephemeral.

Contemporary art
Urs Fischer - Melodrama at Sadie Coles


The latest exhibition by Urs Fischer is on display now, through January 18 at Sadie Coles, London. The central installation of the show, titled Melodrama,  is an assembly of 3,000 plaster raindrops suspended on thin strings throughout the space. Chromatic range of the installation moves from green to lilac, echoing a restless movement of a crazy storm cloud. The gentle, romantic tone of this piece counterparts the often present blunt absurdity of the remainder of Fischer’s artwork. Melodrama addresses the strain between surrealism and naturalism, as the drops are three-dimensional surrealist interpretation of reality. New sculptures in clay create the balance with the raindrop installation. A single figurative piece is repeatedly set throughout the gallery, handling one of Fischer’s favorite issues - the duality of an original and a copy. Contrasting the ethereal character of the suspended Melodrama, these sculptures represent terrestrial, rugged forms, as together they coexist is curious harmony. Together, the exhibition may be regarded as the artist’s interpretation of heaven and earth, both tangible and celestial at the same time.

Swiss art
Urs Fischer - Melodrama at Sadie Coles

Pictures retrieved from: Sadie Coles

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