Is the New Milo Moire Art Performance Surprising?

June 24, 2016

Milo Moiré, a provocative Swiss artist and graduate psychologist, once again shocked the public with her performance. Only, this time, she got arrested. Same as in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf before, Moiré was in London performing her Mirror Box show, which means that she stood out in the public square calling people out with a megaphone to embrace her vagina with a loving touch for 30 seconds. And people did, both men and women, they apparently had enjoyed it, and seemingly she did too. But, the London police weren’t quite impressed with her performance, so they’d arrested her for public indecency. After spending 24 hours in a cell, and paying a 'four-digit fine', Milo Moiré stated to the press that her arrest was indicative of the UK’s Brexit debate. "The UK should remain in the EU", she said.

Standing for the Women's Rights

"My name is Milo Moiré. I am a performance artist, and I stand here for women’s rights for sexual equality because we decide by ourselves whether to be touched or not. Today, you have a chance to touch through this box for 30 seconds, and feel free", these are the words that Milo Moiré uses for the announcement of her Mirror Box performance. But that is not her only act for the women’s rights. After more than 100 women reported that they were sexually assaulted in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, Milo Moiré staged a naked protest in front of the Cologne Cathedral in support of women’s rights. She held a sign that said 'Respect us! We're not fair game, even when we are naked'. Moiré explained that she wants to give an example that women shouldn’t hide away, that they should be self-confident and stand up for their values.

Quite Unique Painting Process

Everything that Milo Moiré does holds a dose of quirkiness within. Actually, the vast majority of her performances are arguably artistic sceneries. The piece she first entered the art scene with was a provocative video from 2014. It was her painting processes, that she calls the PlopEgg Painting, which she video-recorded while in Mauritius for a short film named A Birth of a Picture. What is so provocative about painting process? Well, let’s just say that Milo does it while she is completely naked, by retching paint-filled eggs from her vagina. Not only did she do it in lonesome beach side of Mauritius, but she actually performed this particular way of painting outside the Germany's annual Art Cologne fair, too. She describes that act as a symbolic strength of the casual and the creative power of femininity.

Milo Moiré Art - Is it Really Art?

There is a quite controversial veil surrounding Moiré’s performances. Some glorify her work, while others neglect its value and don’t even call it an art, but rather an eccentric self-promotion. That was also the case with her performance The Script System, which she did while the most significant art fair in Basel was going on – the Art Basel. She stated that it had been inspired by the script theory of cognitive psychology. So, there she was taking a bus ride totally naked, with written words all over her body where the shirt, pants, or a jacket were supposed to be. One thing is for sure – Milo Moiré doesn’t have the intention to stop with her performances, even after the London arrest. She may hit even harder with her next provocative piece. We’ll wait and see.

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