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January 17, 2019

The beginning of the 20th century saw artists experimenting with the inherited patterns of representation. Figuration became interpreted differently with Expressionism, while Cubism and Suprematism proposed the reduction of painterly surface and dominance of primary geometrical forms. However, such an approach was not entirely present until the post-war artists continued experimenting with simple and reduced patterns in order to explore the domains of two-dimensionality to a full extent.

Then came Minimalism, an avant-garde phenomenon largely based on the heritage of Russian Constructivism, German Bauhaus and Dutch De Stijl. It was inaugurated by American artists such as Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, Dan Flavin, Frank Stella, and others. As the very title suggests the aim was to clean the composition of any symbolical, pictorial or fictive content, and focus on the very essence of the surface, to plunge, so to speak, from the other side of canvas. As the time passed by, Minimalism became practiced by the artists across the globe and set foundation for the upcoming generations.

The following top list encompasses nine artists of different generations who are pursuing this tendency and whose artworks you can add to your collection now.

Featured image: Grear Patterson - Tunnel of Love, 2017. All images courtesy their respective galleries.

Skye Brothers - The Dark Side Of The Moon

First on our list is the Dutch artist duo Skye Brothers. It was founded by the brothers Liam and Noah who initially started as Tinker Brothers, and were then called Eleven. Since the very start of their artistic journey they experimented with various media and techniques, and now as Eleven they are committed fully to exploring the domains of abstraction.

The work titled The Dark Side of The Moon was produced in 2018; it is acrylic on canvas and it mostly resembles large monochromatic paintings of Frank Stella from the late 1960s.

See more info about the work here.

Tanc - Sans Titre

Next up is a graffiti artist called Tanc. His practice is largely influenced by the abstract expressionism, and so lately he mostly experiments with nuances of black, linear variations and automatic writing. Tanc is also a musician meaning that his works are also saturated with certain musical principles such as the obsession for rhythm and pulsation.

The work Sans Titre or Untitled was made in 2016, as ink on paper mounted on canvas.

See more info about the work here.

Jacques Owczarek - Fukio

Jacques Owczarek is a self-taught French artist best known for his futuristic animal sculptures. For more than thirty years the artist has been exploring the anatomy of animals and translates it in a specific sculptural form. His career grew thanks to renowned gallerist and collector Lucien Bourdon, and much of his works were produced in a collaboration with silversmith Didier Landowski.

Fukio is small size sculpture in bronze and it represents a fish in movement.

See more info about the work here.

CT - Senza titolo

Following up is the work of an Italian artist CT, who is often described as the King of Italian minimalism. He is known for distinct, graphic and minimalist graffiti style. CT usually produces his works in abandoned public spaces, and some of them can be found in Berlin and Paris.

Senza Titolo or Untitled was produced in 2016; it is a good example of his specific practice and it resembles futuristic branding imagery.

See more info about the work here.

Grear Patterson - Tunnel of Love

The American artist Grear Patterson is known for his multimedia approach. He gained fame quickly and became an international star. His sculptures, installations, paintings, drawings, videos, and photographs crave for engagement and reflect the artist's desire and entropy. His works are saturated with exaggerated childhood experiences, different Pop references, and kind of a punk attitude.

The painting Tunnel of Love was produced in 2017 and it looks like a half of a circle.

See more info about the work here.

Anton Stankowski - July

German artist Anton Stankowski was a pioneer of Constructive Graphic Art and is celebrated for an outstanding graphic design aimed to illustrate processes or behaviors rather than objects. Stankowski is known for using fractal-like structures long before their popularization, and believed that there are no boundaries between the arts; he also expressed himself through photography and painting.

The work July is a screenprint and is a part of Domberger's 1980 edition of International Contemporary Art calendar.

See more info about the work here.

Robert Mangold - 8 from Attic Series II

Robert Mangold is an American artist and he belongs to the first generation of Minimalism practitioners. His simplistic works function more as objects than usual paintings meaning that they function as free-standing constructions as was the case with his early monochromatic works. The prevailing architectural elements provide an impression of construction plans. The artist is known for producing series expressed in drawing and painting.

The work titled #8 from Attic Series II was produced in 1991 as a print.

See more info about the work here.

Holly Miller - Crash 2

Next up is the work of Holly Miller who is an American artist, known for her abstract paintings. By combining optical and tactile the artist creates richly textured, masterfully colored works. Miller is apparently focused on visual variations caused by different relations of painterly elements, so her works reveal numerous dichotomies, such as absence and presence, warm and cool, masculine and feminine, illusion and material.

Crash 2 is a painting produced in 2017, and it demonstrates Miller’s unique treatment of the canvas.

See more info about the work here.

Adomas Danusevicius - Magical Camp 1

Last on our list is the work of Lithuanian artist Adomas Danusevicius. He is best known for his representations of masculinity, which occupies him as a social and cultural phenomenon. As a matter of fact, the artist is exploring the domains of inherited gender norms, taboos, homophobia and social suppression of sexuality. His figurative paintings are mostly provocative and are mostly based on personal experience.

In his recent works, Danusevicius explores the phenomenon of camp in order to deconstruct traditional images of masculinity. The work Magical Camp#1 belongs to this series.

See more info about the work here.

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