MM Contemporary Arts Sells Mobile Lovers

August 28, 2014

Mobile Lovers had been a part of the public discourse for some time now. The artwork depicting a couple embracing and simultaneously checking their mobile phones showed up on the wall of the Bristol Broad Plain youth club. Shortly, the owner of the club Dennis Stinchcombe removed the piece into the youth club to protect it from eventual vandalism. The dispute over the ownership between the club and Bristol City Council was ended by Banksy himself, in a fashion so innate to the artist, with simple “As far as I’m concerned, you can have it.”

MM Contemporary Arts Sells Banksy's Mobile Lovers
Dennis Stinchcombe and Mobile Lovers

Mary McCarthy sells Banksy Mobile Lovers

As the UK’s leading street art expert, Mary McCarthy of MM Contemporary Arts Ltd was called to handle the sale of the art piece. Consultancy and expert advice for acquisition and selling of art to private collectors, as well as insurance, valuation, cataloguing and conservation, but also access to some of the most notable contemporary artists represent only a part of the activities of MM Contemporary Arts Ltd. Partnering with Digard Auctions, MM Contemporary Arts Ltd organizes street art and contemporary art sales twice yearly. McCarthy said that this is “an extraordinary gift, both in the financial benefit to Broad Plain, and in the reminder to of the immeasurable value of youth clubs.”

MM Contemporary Arts Sells Banksy's Mobile Lovers
Mary McCarthy

Proceeds for Broad Plain

Currently situated at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, attracting notable public attention, Mobile Lovers have been sold to a private collector for £403,000. Dennis Stinchcombe has said that the sale represents a very important moment in the history of the club, since the situation of lacking funds would have eventually lead to the closing of the 120 years old institution helping the youths. It is certain that this will contribute to the body of numerous Bristol stories of Banksy and, as George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol said, this kind of an end to a chapter deserves gratitude to Banksy. It has become possible for the Broad Plain to continue the work for which they needed (and still need) support. The proceeds from the sale will be shared with a number of other Voluntary Sector Youth Clubs across the city. Finally, the story ends with an appropriate and inspirational way of saying Thank You to the artist: the young people of Broad Plain and Riverside Youth Projects created a mural in partnership with Young Bristol Creative Team. The mural will reside on the Broad Plain boundary fence, sending a visual message to Banksy…

MM Contemporary Arts Sells Banksy's Mobile Lovers
Thanks Banksy mural

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