Now on view: Paper Teller

May 2, 2014

The Italian artist Moneyless presented a new series of works last Friday at an exhibition titled Paper Teller at Soze Gallery. His geometric art continues to follow the recognizable trails of Moneyless’ developed expression. Showcased are new pieces executed on paper and on wood, while each of the series displays different stances of the artist’s contemplation. While the works on paper delve into the intellectual and technical realm, the pieces painted on wood exhibit richness in color, and a more organic, tangible feel.

Soze Gallery
Moneyless - Untitled 23

Paper Teller Tale

Coming from the street art scene, Moneyless describes himself as the creative who speaks by the means of geometry. His art delves deep into the invisible meaning behind the lined letters, focusing solely on the the visual. This investigation of linear forms led this contemplating artist onto further exploration of the basis of living organisms, while he simplifies his visual language in order to portray the atomic structures. As the primordial elements do, Moneyless’ lined form move, evolve, connect and break in an endless play with each other, while the artist intervenes by cutting off their movement with straight lines, thus directing the outcome and the pictorial composition as well. The result are canvases of complex forms, each of them telling a universal story of microcosm of core evolution processes.

Soze Gallery
Moneyless - Untitled 21

The dichotomy of expression

Works on paper at Paper Teller exhibition allow a further insight into the contemplative and artistic processes of their author. They are largely geometric, linear, emphasizing the basic shapes, while materializing the beautiful interplay of the elements. Palette is almost achromatic, with occasional deep yellow, cool pastel green, and the complementary violet accentuated portions, which complement the works and provide them with depth and vitality.

Soze Gallery
Moneyless - Untitled 24 and 25

Paintings on wood stole the attention at Paper Teller, as the combination of the wooden canvas merged perfectly with the subtle, warm palette Moneyless chose to employ. While the overlapping circular shapes are the same, the final outcome is considerably more powerful. The characteristic quality is the tactile, humane emotion emitted from the works, provides a dimension lacking in the paper-based pieces. They are deep, voluminous depictions of the universe, which allure the observer into the swirling scene, inducing the pondering about the origins of existence.

Los Angeles residents and visitors can participate in this rewarding artistic experience of Paper Teller exhibition at Soze Gallery until May 25, 2014.

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