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September 1, 2017

Once again, it’s that time of the month when we look back to see who are those extraordinary individuals who have been stealing your attention the most in the past four weeks. As each month, our list of the most popular artists is versatile, ranging from modern and contemporary painters to acclaimed street and urban artists. Within a set of artists that our readers find the most interesting, there are those that never actually leave our list and whose popularity is only growing. But this time, there are several surprises as well.  This month, our list is mostly male-dominated. Scroll down and discover the most popular names from our ever-growing artist database that have marked the month of August. See if your favorite made it to the list!

Featured images: Gustav Klimt; Jean-Michel Basquiat; Hush; Goldie; Alexis Diaz. All images used for illustrative purposes only.

Jean Michel Basquiat - A Pioneering Prodigy

A pioneering prodigy of the 1980s downtown New York art scene, Jean-Michel Basquiat has left an enormous impact on the art world. Artistically alluring, his pieces brought to the forefront many of the dualities of the time, but also the social issues of the late 20th century.  Being one of the most popular creatives of the last few decades of the last century, Basquiat attracts with the sheer power of his expression, but also with a star-like aura of his artistic personality. In September 2017, Barbican London will host the first large-scale exhibition of his works in the UK. The show will bring together an outstanding collection of more than 100 works from international museums and private collections, including rare film, photography and archive material.

Featured image: Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Nicolas Bruno - Depicting Dreamscapes

The matters of our psyche and our dreams, in particular, permeate the work of Nicolas Bruno not only as a phenomenon but moreover as the articulation of personal experience. He suffers from a condition called sleep paralysis which keeps him in a halfway state between being asleep and being awake. Through his incredible and haunting images, he recreates the experiences from his dreamscape. Very personal and often bizarre and violent, his works are explicitly suggestive, calling the observers to participate in the sense of enrolling their own associations or even dealing with their own anxieties and fears.

Featured image: Nicolas Bruno

David Choe - The Seemingly Controversial Artist

Often depicting explicit scenes of sexual nature, David Choe paints naked women in erotic lights, but also surreal and comic figures, both symbolic and fantastic in nature. He rose to fame with his work for Facebook offices, being offered $60,000 or company stock, and subsequently getting $200,000 in stock. The artist had a very secret show this August in North Korea. The audience was asked to leave their phones, cameras, electronics and money, and to come alone without friends.

Featured image: David Choe

Gustav Klimt - The Greatest Decorative Painter

Vienna’s most renowned artist of the era, Gustav Klimt is still remembered as one of the greatest decorative painters of the twentieth century. Known for a highly personal, eclectic and often fantastic style, he was the co-founder and first president of the Vienna Secession, ensuring the movement to become widely influential. His early work consisted of narrative painting that depicted heavy subjects such as anxiety, doubt, sexuality, and death, but in later years, he turned towards landscape painting, exploring light and abstract patterns of nature.

Featured image: Gustav Klimt.

Alexis Diaz - The Talented Urban Painter and Muralist

A Puerto Rican painter and urban muralist, Alexis Diaz is best known for his chimerical and dreamlike depictions of animals in a state of metamorphosis. His phantasmagorical animals are executed in a detailed technique and line-by-line precision. Using tiny brush strokes on white to render his creatures, he makes them look like highly-detailed pen-and-ink drawings. These fantastical beings always refer to the city he is painting in.

Featured image: Alexis Diaz.

Hush - Combining Contemporary and Traditional Approaches

The British artist Hush merges various street art approaches with traditional art practices to create complex and original stencil work. Inspired by female entertainers and geishas, he mingles and combines eastern and western influences into aesthetically surprising results. Hush’s mix of crazy anime-inspired characters and pop-infused imagery creates a fascinating commentary on urban culture and has been described as Urban Abstract Pop.

Featured image: Hush

Goldie - A Multitalented Artist

A newcomer on our list, Goldie is a pseudonym for Clifford Joseph Price, a multi-talented British artist, musician, DJ and actor. Ever since he burst on to the graf scene almost 30 years ago, his life has been dedicated to the creation of extraordinary art and music. Developing a passion for graffiti in early age, he and a British artist and founding member of the band Massive Attack, Robert “3D” Del Naja, often painted walls together in Wolverhampton. In 2007, Goldie made a great comeback to the art world with the show Love over Gold, held at the Leonard Street Gallery.

Featured images: Goldie

Coinslot - Depicting the World Around Him

Another newcomer on our list, Alexander Perez aka Coinslot is a street artist who uses politics, social events and the world around him as his source of inspiration. Using the illustrations and cartoons, he usually portrays particular political and social issues. Following current aspirations, he is always up-to-date. Following a motto that every artist should emphasize on what’s going on today, he creates vivid images of cartoonish characters which on ironic and humoristic way represent everyday life around him.

Featured image: Coinslot

Banksy - Always in the Top of the List

An anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity, Banksy never leaves our list. A brand new mural has appeared on Jamaica Street in Liverpool and the Baltic Triangle residents and the fans worldwide are wondering if the artist was behind it. Created not far from the place where previously two other stencils by this famous artist were and disappeared, it depicts a monkey dressed as a bell boy, accompanied by a clever statement.

Featured image: Banksy

Milo Moire - The Controversial Performance Artist

This is the second time Milo Moire appears on our list, but this time she has jumped straight to the first place. You might know her as a conceptual performance artist and painter who appears naked on various art occasions or shoots colors out of her private parts. It seems that everything Moire does is surrounded by controversy, but we must wonder if this is just an example of commercialized exhibitionism or the latest desperate effort to shock in the name of art.

Featured image: Milo Moire

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