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December 1, 2016

As we approach the end of a very turbulent year, we take yet another look at the talented individuals who marked it. From contemporary painters and sculptors to the renowned urban artists and graffiti creatives, they have all caught the attention of our dear readers, as they contribute to the versatility of our everyday lives with their incredible talents. In this article, we highlight what it is that makes them stand out in our ever-growing artist database and what they are up to these days: any exhibitions of theirs we can visit? Any new projects in store? Scroll down and discover the most popular names of November 2016 and see if your favorite made it to the list!

Hush - Diversity of Cultures

Hush is someone who finds inspiration in graphic novels, graffiti art and Japanese animation and tradition, particularly in his depictions of geishas. His mysterious female figures, whose identity is sometimes hidden or covered by colorful patterns, are embellished with golf leaf finishing touches and cover the walls and canvases around the world. Apart from elaborate wall paintings, Hush also creates screen prints of the same captivating quality and even installation pieces, the latest of which found its home in Wynwood neighborhood in Miami.

Featured image: Hush, via artreport com

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Still the King of Auctions

We know him as the king of train graffiti, for instance, but Jean-Michel Basquiat and his work continue to rule auction sales around the world, so long after the artist’s untimely death. Basquiat’s Air Power painting, once a part of the art collection by the late David Bowie, reached 7.1 million pounds ($8.8 million) at Sotheby’s earlier this month, in the first out of two sales of the singer’s art belongings. His artworks are also currently on view in Milan, for example, at Museo delle Culture also known as MUDEC, through February 26th 2017.

Featured image: Jean-Michel Basquiat, via Wikipedia

David Choe - The Controversial Artist

We probably all know David Choe best from the fact he painted Facebook’s headquarters in 2005. This story might have not been interesting had Facebook remained just a small start up, but since Choe got paid in company stocks, he is now one rich man. Truth be told, he still earns money by making art as well, and while we can agree his pieces are not for everyone, he appears to be keeping himself busy, be it by painting murals or by writing blogs about Banksy on his website. Either way, he is a constant on our list and among top 10 most popular names once again this month.

Featured image: David Choe via YouTube

Pablo Picasso - The Cubist Legend

The father of Cubism along Georges Braque and a controversial artist, Pablo Picasso is someone we cannot imagine modern art without, not even today. His artworks are everywhere, from museum exhibitions around the world (including Verona’s AMO Arena Museo Opera, on view through March 12, or the Arlington Museum of Art, through February 12th) or auction sales, he is a constantly wanted man, be it for his paintings or sculptures. At New York’s Almine Rech Gallery, through December 17th, you can also see his pieces juxtaposed with those of Calder, in a very interesting exhibition.

Featured image: Pablo Picasso, via imgurcom

Helmut Newton - The Iconic Fashion Photographer

Portraiture and fashion photography would not be the same today without the influence of Helmut Newton, a man who has turned the female nude into something more, something different. In Genoa, Italy, the visitors can see more than 300 photographs in an exhibition titled Helmut Newton. Fotografie. White Women / Sleepless Nights / Big Nudes at Palazzo Ducale, curated by Matthias Harder, President of the photographer’s foundation, on view through January 22nd. His works can also be seen at this year’s Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Featured image: Helmut Newton, via hazine com

Anish Kapoor - Banned from Using Pink

He may have gotten exclusive right the use of the blackest black in the world, but Anish Kapoor can never use the pinkest pink in the world, because he was banned from it. In other news, the artist had a successful showcase in Paris last month, when he installed an actual vortex inside the river Seine, as part of the Nuit Blanche. Shortly after he visited Winnipeg, Canada, where he designed a piece made entirely of ice blocks called Stackhouse, aimed to be a warming hut along Winnipeg’s river trail. He really is unstoppable!

Featured image: Anish Kapoor, via pinterest com

Guy Denning - The Dark Artist

Guy Denning is a self-taught English artist and painter based in France, and one of the most important painters on the Urban art scene right now. His art is all but light and optimistic, but is still appreciated in artistic circles worldwide, for its gritty honesty and portraits that evoke melancholy, solemnest and anger. His diverse practice ranges from works on paper to stencils, collages and canvases, all following his distinctive aesthetics and leaving a significant mark on the modern-day art scene. His pieces are part of renowned private and public collections.

Featured image: Guy Denning, via pinterest

Jwan Yosef - The Unusual Painter

Born in Syria and raised in Sweden, Jwan Yosef studied art in London, a scene which proved to be the right place for his eclectic art. His intriguing pieces are usually created in form of stripped-down canvases, with unpainted sides and unfinished parts, involving materials like Perspex, for instance. About his art, he said: “It’s like painting in reverse. I paint on one surface of the Perspex, and from there I add layers backwards in order to finally present the mirrored unpainted surface. It’s really thinking in a backward manner.”

Featured image: Jwan Yosef via Listal

Banksy - Always Around

He may be underground and nowhere to be seen, but Banksy is always the topic of conversation, controversy, even politics. After all, that’s to be expected, given the very topic of his street art. Recently, we’ve heard French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has publicly unveiled her logo for the 2017 presidential campaign, which ended up being a Banksy artwork, and that the legendary Spy Booth mural was destroyed after what appeared to be an endless saga. At least we can buy his prints at a brand new gallery opening in South Bank hotel in London, on December 1st.

Featured image: Banksy, via pinterest com

David Hamilton - The Death of the Controversial Photographer

The death of one of the most controversial photographers came in just a few days ago, as David Hamilton was found dead at the age of 83 in his apartment in Paris. The alleged suicide happened just a few days after he was accused of rape by four of his former teenage models, one of them being a known French radio hostess. This sparked yet another debate on whether his photographs of nude young girls cross the line between art and photography, while his death certainly leaves the rape allegations wide open for good.

Featured image: David Hamilton. Image via Wikipedia

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