September's Most Popular Artists Chosen by You!

October 2, 2017

Believe it or not, October is just around the corner, which means we all need to start dealing with the fact the warm days of summer are in our rear mirrors. Hoping to at least lift some spirits and make that annual transition a bit smoother, we've prepared our monthly report on the most popular artists based on the amount of attention they received from our readers. As usual, there are many names on this list that are already quite accustomed to being a part of our monthly Top Artists report. However, a few surprising individuals managed to sneak their way in, so the September's list is definitely one of the more interesting ones in recent times. So, congratulations to the new additions, respectful nods to our standard artists who refuse to be dethroned and, without further ado, let's start with the artist who came in on our number 10 slot of September 2017.

Jean Michel Basquiat - A Human Factory of Creativity

Coming in at number ten, Jean-Michel Basquiat yet again finds himself just barely on this list, just like the case was last month. A poet, musician and graffiti prodigy who was a hot topic ever since his emergence in the late-1970s, Basquiat had been honing his craft and developing his style for decades, a dedication that led him to the impressive level of skill he possessed. In September, The Barbican opened the first large-scale exhibition of his works in the United Kingdom. The show brings together an outstanding collection of more than one hundred of his works from international museums and private collections.

Gustav Klimt - Eclectic and Still Fantastic

Austria’s most renowned artist of his era - and beyond - Gustav Klimt continues to stand the test of time by still intriguing our readers. Best known for his opulently gilded Art Nouveau portraits of women that epitomize his home town of Vienna, Gustav Klimt's symbolic depictions of pale nudes, allegorical gardens and erotic content massively contributed to the very basis of American psychedelic designs in the 1960s. His eclectic and fantastic style placed him in the heart of Vienna Secession, an artistic current created as a reaction to the conservatism of the artistic institutions in the Austrian capital at the end of the nineteenth century.

Nguyen Trung - A Master of Modern Painting

A new addition that was not present on our previous list, Nguyen Trung is one of the most influential and prominent artists from Vietnam, a nation that treats him like a living legend of art. With an equal ability to get the absolute most out of both figuration and abstraction, Nguyen Trung is a true master of painting. Often finding inspiration in the Buddhist line of thought, his works emanate spirituality of his culture. These spiritual aesthetics combined with the visual lessons of Paris made Trung's pieces irresistible to viewers, a trend that lasts to this day.

Hush - Urban Commentary

Our number seven goes to the British artist Hush, a master of blending various street art techniques with traditional practices in order to create impressive stencil work. Inspired primarily by female entertainers and the legends surrounding geishas, Hush exceptionally combines eastern and western influences, a creative decision that often results in aesthetically surprising pieces. Hush’s mix of crazy anime-inspired characters and original imagery prides itself for the commentary it provides concerning urban culture and this is undoubtedly the reason why he can be found on this list.

Coinslot - A Coin For His Thoughts

When a street artist decides to take on politics and social events, the world tends to look without blinking. This is the reason why Coinslot finds himself on our monthly recap. Using his adorable style that relies on illustrations and cartoons, Coinslot always tries to stay up-to-date with his work and this was the case with September as well. He lives by the idea that every street artist should emphasize on what’s going on today, a feature that was very evident in Coinslot's solo show There's A New Villain In Town held in Los Angeles.

Henrietta Harris - A Master Draughtsman

A newcomer to our list, Henrietta Harris is a fantastic talent and we are very pleased she made her way into September's best. This Auckland-born artist and illustrator is best known for her series of distorted watercolor portraits characterized by an incredible visual vocabulary. Through amazing technical skill, Henrietta Harris makes memorable faces underlined by clean brushstrokes and amazingly distorted characters. Her body of work is one of those cases where using the word unique is not an overstatement.

Alexis Diaz - Drawing on the Streets

A Puerto Rican street painter and muralist, Alexis Diaz gained worldwide acclaim for his ability to introduce animals in a state of metamorphosis to urban settings. Despite the highly imaginative visuals, the most impressive aspect of Diaz's art is the way it's executed - Alexis uses tiny brush strokes that result in highly detailed works appearing to be pen-and-ink drawings. Although his overall body of work is enough to get him onto a list like this, Diaz spent the majority of the month working in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he created two incredible murals.

Xooang Choi - A Master of Bizarreness

A man who made a name for himself with incredibly deep and bizarre works of art, Korean artist Xooang Choi has created an impressive body of work that tackles almost an impossible task - showing us human emotions frozen in an instant. He tries to tell us what we all already know, making us aware of the raw reality humans have to face on a consistent, day-to-day basis. Xooang Choi's main interest is pointed towards social systems that manage and control people without them being completely aware of it. Yet, these systems control the way we behave and the way we feel, and that is precisely what Choi's bizarre and fantastic creations are trying to tell us.

Milo Moire - The Queen of Provocation

Going down one spot from our previous monthly recap, Milo Moire still proved to be extremely popular with the readers yet again. This conceptual performance artist and painter loves appearing naked in public and various art occasions where she sets in motion an endless series of provocative and controversial events. Love her or hate her, there's no denying of her popularity in the month of September. This was chiefly because of her newest performance act Ceci n’est pas une femme nue (This is not a naked woman), a project that once again saw Moire take off her clothes and give her thoughts on the age in which we live.

Banksy - An Icon of Street Art

After spending about thirty days on the second place of our list, Banksy comes back to where he naturally belongs as he is the most popular artist on WideWalls for September. Already an iconic England-based graffiti artist who became notorious for his anonymity and honesty, Banksy expanded his body of work to political activism and films recent years. Usually active during this month, Banksy painted two new artworks that pay homage to the aforementioned Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Barbican centre in central London. He also worked on Walled Off Hotel in Palestine, a project that will open a gift shop and sell new works by the elusive street artist for the first time in four years.

All images courtesy their respective artists.

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