Most Popular Contemporary Artists in August

September 1, 2016

August is behind us; the period of summer vacations and breaks are over and an exciting month is to be expected. Most popular contemporary artists are also working people, they all need a break, and the vast majority of them use sunny days to relax and to enjoy their days off. Being an artist does not include only the creative processes – artists usually have to attend exhibitions they have, or art fairs, they need to prepare materials for the pieces they create… Sometimes these activities can be exhausting. In addition, art-making requires both intellectual and manual activities. Perceived from outside, being an artist looks easy – they just do what they want; they have “a job” they enjoy in… That’s true, but it still does not mean artists do not need a vacation. On the other side, as in every “profession”, there are workaholics, who were working without taking a break. Some of the most famous artists were workaholics. Finally, there is no doubt that artists we all like have been productive in August as well. At the end of each month, we present you the list of the most popular contemporary artists from our artist database, chosen by our readers. Many of them were probably working during the summer. One thing is for sure – we can expect a lot of news from them in the period to come.

Kim Keever - Dreamlike Landscapes

If someone believes that only one dream job can be achieved in a lifetime, then he/she needs to take a look at the art of the American artist Kim Keever. Keever worked at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), where he worked on missile skin technology and jet nozzles. But, this job did not make him famous. In the mid 1970-s, he decided to launch a career as a contemporary artist. Working in the field of paintings and photography, Keever creates images, often landscapes that are both expressive and scientific, resulting in beautiful abstract pieces with unique aesthetic.

Jeff Koons - Contemporary Art Celebrity

Someone can hate him or love him – there’s nothing in between. There is always a non-ending discussion about his work and personality. It’s doesn’t actually matter when it comes to his position in contemporary art scene – Jeff Koons is one of the most popular and most renowned contemporary artists of our time. Koons regularly finds his place on our monthly lists, which says a lot about the interest for his activities. For those who like Koons’ art, there is an exhibition titled Now at the London-based Newport Street Gallery, on view until October 16, 2016.

David Choe - The "Dirty" Style

Once again there is an artist who regularly appears on our monthly lists. David Choe, an American painter, muralist and urban graffiti became famous when he painted a mural at the new office of Facebook headquarters. He works in the self-proclaimed ‘dirty’ style, and his works often depict explicit sexual scenes. Choe considers himself a rebel, while the popularity of this contemporary artist will not fade in the years to come.

Hush - Old and New Techniques

Hush is known for his quite unique practice that blends old and new art practices. He creates collages, graffiti, stencils, paintings and drawings. Being inspired by Geishas - Japanese traditional female entertainers, Hush’s works expresses the artist’s fascination with female form. Many of his works involve action painting and, what he calls, pure expressionism.

Interesni Kazki - Interesting Fairy-Tales

Famous for their unusual and imaginative imagery, known for their colorful surrealistic large scale murals, Ukrainian art duo Interesni Kazki created all over the world – from India to Mexico. Their large murals, characterized by highly surrealist compositions, can be found in the cities across Europe, Central America, Russia, Asia… Few months ago, the duo, composed of Aleksei Bordusov Aec and Vladimir Manzhos Waone, decided to break-up, and to launch individual careers.

Bon - Humans, Animals and Our Culture

Danaiphat Lersputtitrakan aka BON is famous Thai urban and street artist known for his colorful wide wall paintings often depicting humans and animals of contemporary trends and changing culture. His work was shown in Thailand, Japan, United States, and BON was awarded several times for his art.

Eduardo Kobra - Voice of Brazil's Metropolis

Eduardo Kobra is definitely among the Brazilian artists whose work you need to follow. Renowned street and urban art scenes of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro achieve their status thanks to the hundreds of great local urban artists – and Kobra is certainly one of the most famous ones. He is best-known for photorealistic murals where he combines geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and squares in multicolored backgrounds. Eduardo Kobra recently painted a 190 meter long piece of wall in Rio de Janeiro illustrating the Olympic Games.

Alexis Diaz - The Animal World

This is not the first time Alexis Diaz finds his place on our monthly list. This Puerto Rican painter and urban muralist is known for his depictions of the animal world. These animals are, however combined into complex hybrids. Alexis Diaz uses a small brush, and creating a mural which is full of surreal images takes a lot of time. Today, murals created by this artist can be found in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea and dozens of other countries.

Paul Jenkins - Famous Abstract Expressionist

Together with his colleagues Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, Paul Jenkins was one of most important figures of New York’s Abstract Expressionism. This great artist, who passed away in 2012 in New York, was obsessed with Eastern religions and Jungian philosophy. Jenkins also traveled a lot, in order to find different perspectives and influences. He lived in Paris for years, yet his connection with New York never faded.

Banksy - Number One, Again!

Where is Banksy and what is he doing? Nobody knows, still it does not make his popularity to go down. He has always been on our monthly list of the most popular contemporary artists, and always in the top 5! Maybe we can expect a surprise from him soon, but it’s also a good time to recall his gigantic project – Dismaland that was in function last year. Without any doubts, Banksy is the most famous stencil artists of all time, and let’s wait and see what he has been preparing in the coming months…

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