Guess Who Are the Most Popular Contemporary Artists of June

July 1, 2016

So, it is that time of the month again when we take a look at the artists that have spiked your curiosity the most! There are so many names in our ever-growing database, but these ten contemporary artists have managed to make it to the top ten. As always, some of the names are recurring and some are the first-comers on our list. While there are a lot of names coming from the world of street art, our list is still very diverse and includes artists working in the variety of media and styles. Don’t miss out, since this is your chance to revisit some of the names you might have forgotten, learn more about their recent activities or maybe find out somebody completely new. Do not waste any more time and proceed to the list to find out who are the top ten!

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Herakut - An Artistic Duo

A regular name on our list, Herakut is an artistic duo from Germany whose name is comprised of the aliases of the painter, Hera, and the graffiti artist, Akut. Merging their individual approaches influenced by graffiti and street art, they have been working together on various projects all around the world. Their contrasting methods have created a unique artistic process existing in a beautiful symbiosis. Their process is dynamic, dialogical and storytelling and their approaches complete each other. They create dreamlike paintings with narratives imbued with black humour. Even though they act as a duo most of the time, Vertical Gallery in Chicago will be presenting Hera's first solo exhibition in eight years entitled Where Do We Go From Hera?

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David Choe - Working in the 'Dirty' Style

A recurring name on our list, David Choe is many things – a painter, muralist, urban graffiti artist, but also an entertainer. Working in the self-proclaimed ‘dirty’ style, his pieces often show explicit sexual scenes as a way to damask the true nature of the human soul. His pieces are blatant, raw and bold reflecting his love of animals and fascination with sex. Presenting himself as a creative rebel, he first rose to fame with a mural painted on Facebook headquarters in 2005. Even though this story is getting pretty old, maybe that’s the reason he is coming back to this list as one of your favorites.

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Helmut Newton - An Iconic Photographer

As one of the most infamous photographers in art history, Helmut Newton certainly deserves a place on this list. A father of provocative and controversial aesthetics, his contribution to fashion photography and photography in general is immense. Shot in black and white and charged with eroticism, his photographs are women-oriented. Even though he has been attacked by certain radical feminists, he has always considered himself the one who celebrates triumphant and strong women. What might be the reason he is on this list? Except for simply being Helmut Newton, his photographs are now being sold for hundreds of thousands dollars at auctions.

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Jeff Koons - The King of Postmodernism

As one of the most influential and controversial artists of the post-war era, Jeff Koons has been regular on our list. Picking up where Andy Warhol has left off, he has placed his art somewhere in between high and low culture. Pioneering new approaches to the readymade and playing with kitsch, he has transformed the notion of an artist to the cult of celebrity in the global market. A wide selection of his works will be on view until October 16th, 2016 at Newport Street Gallery in his solo exhibition entitled Now. Being very popular with collectors, this is a great opportunity for both art enthusiast and collectors to enjoy many famous artworks by this controversial artist in one place.

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Hush - Combining Old and New Art Practices

British street artist Hush is famous for mixing several techniques such as collage, graffiti, stencil, painting and drawing. Successfully blending old and new art practices, his pieces are inspired with geishas. These Japanese traditional female entertainers are portrayed through their feminine beauty and sensuality. His methods include what he calls pure expressionism. With screen printed and hand-painted backgrounds, graffiti elements are added by hand in his unique style. Hurry up if you want to see his exhibition Allure at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles because it will be on view for just a little while, until July 2nd, 2016.

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Spencer Tunick - The Master of Naked Art

New York-based photographer Spencer Tunick is a newcomer on our list. He is most celebrated for his unique approach to nudity, a subject matter depicted in a variety of ways throughout the history of art. Gathering hundreds and thousands of volunteers, he creates stunning human installations for his breathtakingly beautiful photo shoots. These architectural masterpieces made of human skin always blend perfectly with the surroundings. Placing human flesh against various improvised backdrops, he aims to personify the battle of nature against the ever-evolving human culture. Well, nudity is always provoking and thus popular, but having in mind the beautiful way Tunick treats this subject, no wonder he ended up on our list.

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Alexis Diaz - Creating Animal Hybrids

Street artist Alexis Diaz is famous for his depictions of the animal world. Coming from different species and habitats, these animals are combined into complex hybrids with extreme precision by his brush. Yet, animals depicted are not random. Combinations are inspired by the particular place he visits presenting a type of evolution in that specific urban ecosystem. Reflecting his feelings of that particular place, he creates animals that he thinks would survive in the surrounding world. His works are currently on view in a group exhibition Freedom at Wunderkammern’s Milan. We had a conversation with him and two more artists to find out more about the concept of the show.

Romain Langlois - An Intriguing Sculptor

Another newbie on our list, Romain Langlois is a self-taught artist who has been working as an architect for a few years until he found his true love – the sculpture. Finding his inspiration in the world around us, he often reworks the materials in an intriguing way that questions the viewer’s perception. He often works with the bronze starting with expressive and anatomical modeling of the subject. As his stretched sculptures visually pull apart the natural objects that surround us, he aims to dissect these natural elements with the bronze that represents the inner energy harnesses by his chosen materials.

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Leng Jun - The Master of the Detail

After jumping from the place 405 to the first place last month, Leng Jun is still on the top of our list. Specializing in detailed works, he creates stunningly realistic paintings that are the result of his meticulous practice. Getting close and observing his subject, he portrays the tiniest movements and gestures with his masterful artistic technique. His paintings are imbued with a mentality of simplicity. With his method, he adopts simple design and components in order to emphasize a sort of aesthetic viewpoint of his own. The composition of his paintings are divine and sanctified and they reflect a certain stillness and serenity that resembles the classical art.

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Banksy - Back to Being Number One

Oh, what a surprise, Banksy is number one again. He seems to be omnipresent and everything he does is immediately in the spotlight. The elusive street artist recently created an artwork on the wall of an elementary school in Bristol to show his appreciation after the school has named one of the houses after him. The piece shows a child with a stick chasing a burning tire, and it will certainly become one of the Bristol attractions. On the other hand, his current exhibition in Rome entitled War, Capitalism & Liberty is the largest show of the artist’s work ever gathering his famous paintings and stencils in one place. It will be on view at the Fondazione Rome Arte-Museu gallery in Palazzo Cipolla until September 9th, 2016.

Below, be sure to check out the full list of the most popular artists of the year so far and see how they progressed. Is your favorite there?

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