These are the 10 Most Popular Contemporary Artists of October!

November 1, 2015

Compared to our last month’s list of most popular contemporary artists, the one of October is an exciting one, featuring names that we don’t see that often - and we definitely should. While regulars like Banksy and David Choe are still here, we have newcomers like Elaine Sturtevant and Agathe Snow, a nice breath of fresh air on the almost always male-dominated list. It will be interesting to see how the oldies cope with an endless stream of artists being added to our already vast Database on a daily basis, so make sure you stay with us for a rather turbulent autumn. Without further ado, let’s revisit this month’s legends of the arts our readers were most interested in.

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David Choe - A Dirty Artist

Last month, he was the “second-best”, but in October, David Choe came back to rule our monthly selection of most popular contemporary artists. He is a muralist, graffiti artist, graphic novelist and figure painter who collaborated with Facebook, Vice, HBO and CNN. In 2014, he came in the spotlight for publicly speaking about a sexual encounter with a masseuse during a podcast. While I gather this guy doesn’t quite understand what rape is, he continues to deny he is a rapist, saying the podcast is “not a representation of my reality”.

Danny Doom - A Riddle Maker

Danny Doom, also known as Desur, also known as Kid Doom, works with an impressive number of mediums, like paint, spray paint, ink, dirt and coffee. He is an illustrator, graphic designer, digital artist and a muralist who does lots of street art and graffiti, and in all of his artworks there is a sense of a hidden message present, like a riddle, a sort of ambiguity, One of the most versatile German contemporary artists, Danny Doom collaborated with many international talents during his career - even Banksy himself.

Butch Anthony - Of Folk and Cult

Butch Anthony is an artist and someone who studied zoology and geology. He works with assemblage, collage, drawing, installation, painting, sculpture. He is the creator of Interwangelism, a creator of imaginary portraits, the founder of the Museum of Wonder and the Doo-Nanny Festival. Butch Anthony is all about folk art, and everything he does has to do with the American tradition. According to The New York Times, he “dresses exclusively in Liberty denim overalls” and is also a builder and local hero.

Banksy - One Hell of a Surprise

Dismaland is now stealing headlines for being stolen from his new location in Calais, France, where Banksy sent his bemusement park to shelter migrants at the peek of the crisis. He ruled our summer this year, and I’m just really surprised he’s not on top of our most popular contemporary artists list. For once. Banksy seems to be in hiatus again, although his pieces continue to sell at auctions around the world - hell, people are taking down entire buildings for that small piece of wall that has Banksy on it. Are you at all surprised?

Jackson Pollock - The King of Action and Abstraction

Could you imagine the history of American and worldwide art without Jackson Pollock? It’s quite hard, as this man literally invented a way of painting himself. Often called the father of Abstract Expressionism in his home country, and a great influencer and a figure to look up to worldwide, Jackson Pollock is a man of action, who died too young in a drunk-driving accident. What remains are his remarkable paintings, recognized instantly for their visual impact, and not just. His gestures and drippings are still very much alive and well today, and we’re all still very much in awe of them.

Craww - A Habitual Doodler

Based in Sheffield UK and at number 6 of our list of most popular contemporary artists of October, Craww describes himself as “artist and doodler” who does paintings, drawings, crows and skulls. Well, we kinda saw that coming. This intriguing figure also likes uncovering secret stories and ambiguous connections, drawing inspiration from daydreams, music, comics, nature, gin and an overactive imagination. Craww started off as a graphic designer, although he ultimately works in drawings, haunting and beautiful.

Agathe Snow -A Performance Guru

Born Agathe Aparru, Agathe Snow is a French contemporary artist known for her work in performance and installation. She was married to fellow artist Dash Snow from 2000 till his death in 2009. In 2008, she participated at the Whitney Biennial, with a piece called Stamina: Gloria et Patria, which essentially was a week-long dance-a-thon. Agathe Snow is also known for her No Need To Worry, The Apocalypse Has Already Happened… project, based on the flooding in Manhattan in 2007, which resulted in a five-week performance and a gallery installation.

FKDL - A Magazine Recycler

FKDL, or Franck Duval, is a very vivid painter and street art living and working in Paris, France. Born in 1963, he is one of the pioneers of the French street art scene, having started to paint in the 1980s and presenting his work from 1992 on. In 2001, he focused on the technique of Art Scotch, developed by Joseph G. Wolman in 1963, which was the perfect fit for his already elaborated collage. FKDL is known for his recycling of old magazines, described as “both artistic and humanistic” and featuring great silhouette movements.

Elaine Sturtevant - An Own Version of Art

Now here’s someone we don’t see on our list of most popular contemporary artists often - Elaine Sturtevant! An artist who has touched every exciting art movement, from Neo-Dada to Appropriation and Conceptual, she questioned the matter of what we see in an artwork, as well as who their real author is. Today, we can explore Elaine Sturtevant’s own versions of Andy Warhol’s flowers, Jasper John’s Frags, Frank Stella’s back and grey paintings, but also witness the influence of Marcel Duchamp or Anselm Kiefer.

Anais Martane - A China-Loving Photographer

She is becoming a regular! Anais Martane is a French artist who fell in love with China after her six month stint at the Beijing Normal University. She has been living in the city for seven years now and her fascination with the culture she surrounded herself with has not gone away. Her favourite topic is portraiture - many of Anais Martane’s portraits ended up in magazines and newspapers like TIME, Elle, Liberation, Le Monde. The 36-year old had a major success with her project on the traces of Jews in China.

List of Most Popular Contemporary Artists in October

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