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December 28, 2016

As the end of the year is near, December is usually the month when all activities during the year are being summed up. When it comes to galleries, they measure the success of the exhibitions they organized, how many artworks were sold, and finally, and most important – they plan activities for the year to come. December was an interesting month, and we saw a number of amazing shows. Since it is the end of the year, many galleries have been hosting Christmas group exhibitions to showcase the variety and diversity of their roster. We are proud to see many of these galleries as part of our own database of art venues. We now present you ten most popular art galleries here on Widewalls for the month of December 2016! See what they have in store for you.

Urban Spree Galerie

A 400 sqm independent contemporary art space in a vast postindustrial compound in the heart of Berlin, Urban Spree Galerie promotes a grassroots artistic approach, working closely with street & graffiti artists, urban photographers, and contemporary artists. Curating independent art shows on a monthly basis, the gallery often organizes the painting of the whole compound and its flagship Artist Wall that has featured pieces by Above, Klone, Zevs, Broken Fingaz Crew, and Twoone, among others.

Featured image: Urban Spree Gallery, via

30works Cologne

Founded in 2009, 30works is a pioneer in the presentation of Street Art in Western Germany, continually responding to impulses and currents that emerge as relevant. Rejecting the elitist approach, their works are sensual, sensory and contemporary; they live, breathe, pulsate, remembering their roots in the place where all art has originated – the street. The gallery represents an international selection of both established and emerging artists whose practice redefine and enrich genres of Urban and Pop Art such as AVone, Johann Buesen, Rourke Van Dal, Van Ray, and Tankpetrol, among others. is an established leading urban art store bringing you some of the world’s best street art into your home. The platform was founded by avid collectors who wanted to be more involved within this exciting scene and urbanize the world. They aim to ignite world’s passion for urban art, give people an alternative to the cheap mass-produced department store art, offer originals and limited edition prints, encourage people to buy art that expresses their individuality, find new talent, and support charitable projects and give something back to the community.

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Founded in Bologna in 2016, MAGMA gallery exhibits internationally renowned and emerging contemporary artists. Having a research-based approach, the gallery aims to bring the most innovative trends within the rapidly changing market. Through their activities, they aim to improve relationships between the artists and worldwide institutions, curators, and collectors. Until January 14th 2017, you can see the solo exhibition by Made514, one of the most prominent names of Italian graffiti writing.

Featured image: Magma Gallery

Imitate Modern

An urban contemporary art gallery based in London, Imitate Modern exhibits emerging and established artists from around the world, focusing on edgy and thought-provoking works. Founded by experienced art collectors, the gallery organizes varied exhibition program in order to inspire, excite and enthrall. With a variety of acclaimed solo shows but also debuts of young artists, Imitate Modern aims to help their clients build interesting and enriching collections and enjoy art in an engaging way. Until January 31st 2017, you can check out the exhibition Kings and Queens that brings together works of witty cultural commentary that provide a new take on the images of pop culture icons.

Featured image: Imitate Modern, via

Galerie Urbaine

Located in Uzès in France, Galerie Urbaine is a place that promotes and exhibits works of urban and contemporary art. It presents both the new emerging talents and the great names of contemporary art. The venue consists of three separate rooms that have hosted names such as SEEN, C215, Philippe Pasqua, Robert Combas, William Sweetlove, or Stratos and the rising generation represented by Kurar, Nyne Factory, Zeklo, ARDPG and JM Robert.

Featured image: Galerie Urbaine

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