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February 28, 2017

The month of February was quite eventful for galleries around the world, full with exciting exhibitions and events. Since the art fair season is heating up, many galleries are keeping up with this busy calendar, showcasing the variety and diversity of their roster to the international audience. We are proud to see many of these galleries as part of our own ever-growing database of international art venues. There aren’t many surprises, as some galleries continue to find their place on our list. Still, there are some debutants, so be sure to check out our list! We now present you ten most popular art galleries here on Widewalls for the month of February 2017! See what they have in store for you.

Featured images: Urban Spree Gallery; ArtCan Gallery.

Imitate Modern - Featuring Edgy Art

A contemporary London art gallery with a difference, Imitate Modern is a place that is both edgy and friendly, both intimate and globally recognized. Situated in the historical heart of Mayfair, the gallery exhibits works by emerging artists from around the globe, working with mediums ranging from paintings and sculpture, to pop silkscreens and contemporary photography. From March 16th until March 27th, the gallery will host an exhibition of British artist, Luc Waring’s artworks. Titled Registered Trademarks, the exhibition explores how we, both as individuals and a society, have internally registered luxury branding through advertisements.

Featured image: Imitate Modern, via imitatemodern.com

30works Cologne - Introducing Pop-Art of the 21st Century

A gallery that brings street art to Germany, 30works Cologne is one of the first German galleries to introduce the audience to “Pop-Art of the 21st century”. The gallery offers a top-class collection of pop art and street art masterpieces. Until March 4th, the gallery is hosting an exhibition titled Realism 3.0. The show presents a new generation of contemporary artists who explicitly focus on drawing and paintings as the essence of artistic expression.

Featured image: 30works Cologne

Art Is Just a Four Letter Word - A Place For Urban Art

Located in Soest, Germany, art is just a four letter word is an urban art hotspot on a continental scale. The believe that art can be everything, that it is for everyone, that it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and is different just like the people who experience it. Until March 18th, the gallery is hosting a solo show of the urban artist Mason. Titled For Your Eyes Only, the exhibition will feature the latest body of work by this prolific artist who is best known for his affinity for a graphic style with geometric traits and for typographic constructions.

Featured image: Art Is Just a Four Letter Word

GraffitiStreet.com - An Urban Art Store

GraffitiStreet.com is an established leading urban art store bringing you some of the world’s best street art into your home. The platform was founded by avid collectors who wanted to be more involved within this exciting scene and urbanize the world. They aim to ignite world’s passion for urban art, give people an alternative to the cheap mass-produced department store art, offer originals and limited edition prints, encourage people to buy art that expresses their individuality, find new talent, and support charitable projects and give something back to the community.

Featured image: GraffitiStreet.com

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