The Most Popular Interviews of 2016 - Stories that Shaped the Year

December 17, 2016

As 2016 is slowly coming to its end, Widewalls editorial team for sure has a couple of aces up its sleeve. Joining the countdown began with the list of our must-see Christmas shows around the world are our most popular interviews of 2016. Knowing that our readers thoroughly enjoy what major artists, gallerists, and curators have to say, this year marked the rise of our Interview section. From the major stories of curators and organizers of art festivals to the ideas, thoughts, and future plans of major contemporary artists, Widewalls frequently offered an art world behind closed doors. Understanding that contemporary art production is not just the displayed image or a created sculpture, but more about the buzz and the styles of various authors, our most popular interviews tell the most interesting tales and investigate the latest trends in street and urban art.

Trying to reach our goal and to become one of the leading contemporary art sources, the chosen most popular interviews are windows into various cultures and scenes of the world. From India to the fusion of traditional Arabic calligraphy and graffiti, to the most vibrant murals of the world, the stories that follow shaped yet another year.

Enjoy our list of the most popular interviews which stands as a promise that Widewalls will continue to surprise and enrichen our reader’s time.

Tomak - Never Afraid to Speak his Mind and Laugh Out loud

Speaking with Tomak, considered to be the bad boy of Austrian art, we understood more about his art, the symbols and the recurring portraits which make up numerous layers of his production. As a pure nature force, Tomak is not afraid to comment and to remind us of issues most of us would love to push underneath the carpet.

To learn more about the origin of his name, the return to the idea of true art read the full interview here.

Featured image: Tomak - Portrait of the Artist. Image via

Peter Combe - Offering the offspring of Postmodern era

In an exclusive interview, Peter Combe discussed his style and unique process of art making. Inseparable from the rise of the digital era, most importantly the Post-Internet era, Combe’s images resemble the assemblage of the digitally- formed imagery when in fact they are not. To find out how the state of the world today influences the artist and how he can be linked to the famous 1960’s pop artist Andy Warhol, read the full interview here.

Featured image: Peter Combe - work in progress. Image via

Christian Omodeo - Bringing the History of Graffiti Art to Italy

As one of the most anticipated exhibitions of 2016, The History of Graffiti Art, presented in Bologna, was not only the biggest exhibition but a source of major controversy as well. Offering to the public the history of New York graffiti scene, Christian Omodeo tells the tale behind the organization of such an event, touching upon the significance and the educational aspect, not to mention the relevance of the show to the contemporary graffiti art production. The full story and the interview await you here.

Featured image: Sane Smith - Untitled, 1989. Image via

Interesni Kazki - What New Creatures Will they Create Next?

Known as one of the most celebrated art duos, Interesni Kazki opened their world to us. In this exclusive interview, the two artists told us what their name means, how they art is created and what surreal creatures will they celebrate. Considered as major mural painters, the team never stops to amaze us, and their images create a new identity for color and the world of dreams. To read the full interview, follow the link here.

Featured image: Artist duo - Interesni Kazki. Image via

All About Nuart Festival and the Future of Stavanger

Working extensively with Nuart Festival, Widewalls gets to experience first-hand the amazing achievements of Martyn Reed and his team. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Reed told us about the history of Nuart festival, and how the event transformed the face of its hometown Stavanger. If you want to learn more about the past, the present, and the future of Nuart follow the link here and read the full interview.

Featured image: Nuart Stavanger 2016. Image via

Nespoon - On a Mission to Embroider the World

If you thought that embroidery, lace, and knitting was a past time producing the decorative household doilies than you must think again. Incorporating all that we have mentioned and even a little bit more is the amazing Polish street artist NeSpoon. On a mission to embroider the entire world, this artist was kind enough to offer some of her time to us in this exclusive interview. If by chance you missed the publication of this article before and would love to learn about NeSpoon’s magical art process, read the full interview here.

Featured image; Nespoon - Portrait of the artist. Image via

Rodrigo Branco - The Images of Childhood Poetry

Widewalls was just over the moon once Rodrigo Branco accepted our invitation and agreed to give us a glimpse of his inner world which radiates from his images. Best known for his portraits, which at the same time reveal and hide, and which stand at the edge of abstraction, this Sao Paulo-born young artist has truly taken the world by storm. Please follow the link here in order to read the full interview.

Featured image: Rodrigo Branco - Artwork. Image via

Magda Danysz - How to Create a New Space for Street Art

Understood as one of the most important and revolutionary art gallerist and curators, Magda Danysz’s contribution to the promotion of both urban and street art inside four walls just can’t be ignored. As one of the loudest voices which incorporate the urban and street culture inside the ‘white box’ of the gallery space, Magda Danysz is considered as the most renowned gallery owners of the world. Read the exclusive interview here and learn more about the fascinating persona and unstoppable force which is Magda Danysz.

Featured image: Magda Danysz - Work of Nicolas Ledoux, Photo by Celine Barrere, detail. Image via

Lunar - Following One's Heart Never Fails

If there was ever an artist who made us believe that to follow one’s heart truly leads to dreams coming true, then it is the Croatian artist Lunar. In an exclusive interview, which proved to be one of the most popular interviews of 2016, Lunar offered his thoughts on the changes occurring in street art culture, his beginnings, and future plans. To read the full interview, please follow the link here.

Featured image: Lunar - Portrait of the Artist. Image via

Taher Asad-Bakhtiari - The Tradition with A Twist

Widewalls absolutely adores the minimalist approach and the fusion of the traditional weaving technique which stand at the core of the celebrated Taher Asad-Bakhtiari production. Famous for his Weaves series, the artist found the time to answer our questions concerning the use of color, symbolism, and his creative process in this exclusive interview. To find out more about the inspiration and the role of art in the words of the celebrated Iranian artist Taher Asad-Bakhtiari please follow the link for the entire interview here.

Featured image: Taher Asad-Bakhtiari - Portrait. Image via

Niels Shoe Meulman - The New Art Language

Known as the father of Calligraffiti, the urban combination of graffiti and calligraphy art, Niels Shoe Meulman has been transforming text and the ancient act of writing into a true art form. Recently, the use of increased color and the uncontrolled brush strokes have led his images right at the doorstep of abstraction. In this exclusive interview, which truly proved to be one of the most popular interviews, Niels Shoe Muelman told us all about his beginnings, the process of creating art, influences, future plans, and art market in general. For the entire article, please follow the link here.

Featured image: Niels Shoe Meulman - Mural for Nuart Festival, Norway. Image via

Kajal Singh - The Return of the 80's Lettering Style

The art’s eye just had to turn towards the blasting energy of the young artist Kajal Singh aka Dizy. The reference, to an extent even appropriation of the typical lettering style known to decorate New York city during the birth of graffiti art in the 80’s, shines through her vibrant production. Defined as the first female Indian graffiti artist, Kajal Singh aka Dizy told us about the difference between Berlin and Delhi, her beginnings, and why she only paints on the walls which she gets permission for. The entire interview is available here.

Featured image: Kajal Singh aka Dizy. Image via

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