Most Viewed Videos in April

May 3, 2015

As we entered May with the International Workers’ Day or Labor Day, which we celebrated with two Top 10 articles - 10 Labor Rights Murals and 10 Propaganda Posters from Soviet Union for International Workers’ Day – we are recalling some of the most interesting events we followed in April. Traditionally, we are also inviting you to take a look at our most viewed videos in April, shared on Widewalls TV. We can say that the city of Cologne, Germany is transforming into one of the main hubs of the European contemporary art scene. Two important art fairs were held in Cologne in April (Art Cologne 2015 and KÖLNER LISTE 2015) that additionally boost the vibrant contemporary art dynamic of the city, that has many quite renowned art galleries (from which we selected top ten contemporary art galleries). Apart from these two art fairs in Cologne, April was also marked by one of the fastest-growing art fairs in the world – SP Arte 2015 in Brazil. We have been continually following new developments in the world of street art; in April, we were honored to speak with the French female artist Zabou and Italian street artists Sten Lex, and to talk directly with MadC, Sowat and Dzia who joined us for Widewalls Podcast. And, finally, before you watch the most viewed videos in April, be sure to take a look at the beauty (and luxury) of the 10 contemporary art hotels you should know about.

Please scroll down, and enjoy in the most viewed videos from out TV Gallery!

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PUSH at The NEW Berrics

Featured Image: Push

Style Wars

Featured Image: Style Wars (courtesy of

Terry Rodgers

Terry Rodgers from Geert van de Wetering on Vimeo.
Featured Image: Terry Rodgers

This Is Berlin Not New York

This Is Berlin Not New York from Ethan H. Minsker on Vimeo.

Featured Image: This Is Berlin Not New York (from Ethan Minsker)

Cornbread and Taki 183 at MOCA

Featured Image:Cornbread and Taki 183, MOCA Aet in the Streets, 2011 (screenshot)

Inferno - TV Movie

Featured Image: Inferno, TV Movie, 1992 (directed by Ellen Von Unwerth) [screenshot]

PRO176 and FASIM in Valencia 2015 for MONTANA CANS

Featured Image: PRO176 and FASIM in Valencia 2015 for MONTANA CANS (screenshot)

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