Most Viewed Videos in November

December 1, 2014

November's most popular video from our TV Database is Liu Xiaodong's short film Hometown Boy. The next runner-up is a video by Blouin Artinfo that visits José Parlá at his studio. In third place we have the documentary From Street Art to Fine Art. This is followed by a conversation of designer and contemporary artist Sterling Ruby with Paul Schimmel. The fifth place goes to the MTN produced short clip that shows UK street art superstar Sickboy working at his Barcelona studio. Following this is a behind-the-scenes video from Print Them All that shows C215's print creation-process. The seventh video is a tease by Futura that accompanies his exhibition at Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai. The next video is an interview with Chinese contemporary artist Xu Lei. The ninth video is an excerpt from the Robert Mapplethorpe movie. Concluding the ten most popular videos from last month is the third chapter of the DVDASA Saga 02.

1. Liu Xiaodong: Hometown Boy

2. In the Studio with José Parlá

3. From Street Art to Fine Art

4. Sterling Ruby in conversation with Paul Schimmel

5. MTN Water Based Studio Work x Sickboy

6. Print Them All x C215

7. Futura solo show at Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai

8. Interview: Xu Lei

9. Robert Mapplethorpe - Movie Excerpt

10. DVDASA - Saga 02 - Chapter 003 - The Window

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