Most Viewed Videos in September

October 1, 2014

The most viewed videos this month include exhibition previews,  behind the scene documentaries, interviews, making of's, trailers and unbelievable street art animations. Herakut thereby leads the tableau with their complementary video for their "Flaw Circus" exhibition at Ruttkowski:68 in Cologne. We also have a blast from the past that highlights the best scenes from last years 180 Creative Camp. The most spectacular video this month is definitely "MUTO" the incredible street art animation by Italian artist BLU. In fourth place we have the creative destruction of Vhils, one of the most innovative contemporary urban artists there is. The next flick is another piece by Herakut that summarizes their 2013 project "Giant Storybook" in Frankfurt. In sixth position is the collaborative project of Spanish artist ARYZ and FINERATS. Following this is the explanatory trailer by MTO for his "First Solo Show". In eight position we have the "Multirivlizing" video by Calle 13, followed by the 700 Wall by Mad C. Completing the list of most viewed videos in September is a video of the sale of Banksy's "Mobile Lovers" at an auction. Now it's time to watch some TV!

1. Herakut: Flaw Circus (Ruttkowski:68 Cologne/Germany)

2. 180 Creative Camp 2013

3. MUTO - A Wall painted Animation by BLU

4. Creation Via Destruction with Vhils

5. Herakut - Giant Storybook FFM 2013

6. Street Art - ARYZ x FINERATS

7. MTO First Solo Show

8. Calle 13 - Proyecto de Arte MutliViral

9. Mad C - 700 Wall

10. Mobile Lovers Sold

Featured Image courtesy of Artists Space.  Photos by Daniel Pérez

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