Most Viewed Videos of January 2015

February 1, 2015

Looking back onto January, we can safely say the year kicked off brilliantly with lots of new shows, events, murals and creativity! Widewalls TV channel became richer by many new videos, inspiring and interesting for our readers and viewers. Mixing up old with the new, the last month's Top 10 list of Most Viewed Videos on Widewalls commences by Finok's promo of his Lisbon project. A video of Horfee talking about his show at Ruttkowski;68 follows, preceding a clip about Ballantine's and INSA collab. A short video of Kenor & Kode in BOMB IT! The Global Graffiti Documentary show off their energy next, while RUN explains the background of his immersve show Parabola di G, realized with Howard Griffin Gallery. Asphalte 1 WIP Six Parades show some live mural painting, over a very interesting choice of music. Next comes the collaboration of Wahaca, SatOne and Roid in Brixton. Eigth place goes to Conor Harrington and U2, while the list finishes with SatOne and El Mac.

Most viewed videos of the month will take you on a ride from mural to studio, sliding over minimal, electronic sounds, over a U2 hit, right to the Trololo guy! Enjoy!

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Finok Teaser - Underdogs in Lisbon

Antwan Horfee - Traditional Occupations

HORFEE's artistic past straddles both the official and the illicit.

Antwan Horfee - Traditional Occupations from Ruttkowski;68 on Vimeo.

Ballantine's and INSA's Gif-Iti

Inspired by our founder, George Ballantine, we believe in celebrating the men and women that stay true and leave an impression on everything they do and everyone they meet.

BOMB IT! The Global Graffiti Documentary

Kenor & Kode (AL Baena) in BOMB IT! The global graffiti documentary.

BOMB IT! The global graffiti documentary. 2 from AL Baena on Vimeo.

Parabola di G by RUN

An interview with RUN at his Parabola di G exhibition.

parabola Di G from Gecko Films on Vimeo.

Asphalte 1 WIP Sixe Parades Version

Spraypainting an Original - Wahaca Brixton Project

Wahaca have been working with acclaimed street artists, SatOne and Roid to create murals on the new Brixton restaurant.

U2 - The Crystal Ballroom by Conor Harrington

URGE L'anteprima at Schio by SatOne

To The Future - First Mural by El Mac in Toronto

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