Mural Festival in Breda - Blind Walls Gallery

September 25, 2015

Over the next four years, the Dutch city of Breda will get a spectacular visual makeover, one wall at a time. The Blind Walls Gallery, a project that’s initiated by and part of the Graphic Design Festival Breda, aims to cover the grey urban surfaces in murals which tell the story of the city itself, inspired by the past, present and future. In collaboration with the city of Breda and its residents, local enterpreneurs and property owners, the Graphic Design Festival Breda will invite national and international graphic designers, street artists, typographers and illustrators to show their creativity and talent, and make this town vibrant and beautiful.

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Johan Moorman and Tim van Laere

The Graphic Design Festival Breda

Inspired by the valuable landmark that is the Breda city wall and the prejudices towards graffiti and street art in general, the GFFB, together with The Blind Walls Gallery, offers to improve upon the appearance of the urban environment by giving it a new meaning, through a curated selection of artists and artworks. Before the official start of the festival, between September 22nd and 25th, a number of artists will be painting murals on the walls surrounding the Ginnekenstraat and Mols Parking, including street talents M-City, AKAcorleone and FMR, in the company of local illustrators, typographers and graphic designers. From September 25th until October 25th 2015, the fifth edition of the Graphic Design Festival Breda will see the creation of many artworks and will organise exhibitions, talks, tours and workshops. This year’s topic is Introducing Current Characters, emphasizing the role of a designer in today’s popular culture and the business world.

mural festival breda blind walls gallery contact

Fin DAC, Nol Art and Edo Rath - Hidden Beauty

As you were able to see in our Street Update as well, Irish artist Fin DAC recently visited Holland himself, where he wall on the Ginnenekenmarkt together with local artists and friends Nol Art (aka Michael Nol) and Edo Rath. As an addition to his Hidden Beauty series, the artist painted a geisha called Kokesh in his signature style, using a distinctively Japanese color palette. She was then accompanied by the playful character background painted by the Dutch artists. This beautiful mural was completed after four days of typical weather in the Northern European country, and has become the official part of the Blind Walls Gallery project, also supported by Vroom & Varossieau Urban Contemporary Art.

Zenk One’s piece at the Vlaszak bus stop in Breda, NL, as part of the Blind Walls Gallery

Blind Walls Gallery Mural Festival in Breda, the Netherlands

With such an ambitious and meaningful project in mind, The Blind Walls Gallery will start with a series of murals that will only spread and grow over the next four years. Locals are invited to either adopt a wall or offer it up for adoption to the participating artists. From October 9th, 2015, we will be able to witness the process and the evolution of the project, in an online gallery over at The Blind Walls Gallery website. There, we can soon find the information about the project and a city map with the exact Blind Walls locations. The visitors of Breda can view the murals by themselves or join guided tours which will be organized each month, every last Sunday starting October 25th.

We wish them good luck and look forward to the stunning results!

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All images by Ralph Roelse, courtesy of GDFB.