See the 4 New Murals in Madrid, Courtesy Urvanity Art 2019!

March 2, 2019

Once again, Urvanity Art brings a specially curated program which compliments the diverse selection of international galleries. In collaboration with Tuenti Urban Art, the fair complements the city’s artistic heritage with four amazing mural interventions being realized contemporaneously to the fair.

This year, the fair brought national and international artists, who left their distinct mark in shape of murals around the city's center: Marat Morik brought by Ruarts Gallery, Poni by Galeria Balneario, Pro176 by Swinton Gallery and Artez by Galo Art Gallery.

See them below!

Featured image: Artez Urvanity Art Mural 2019. All images © Widewalls.

Artez at Fuencarral 31

Coming from Belgrade, Serbia, Artez is celebrated for a unique style which combines realism and illustration. Attracting wider attention, the artist has been painting murals all around the globe. Artez's recent pieces are surrounded by a dose of elegance, telling much about the maturity of his expression.

As with the rest of his pieces, the mural in Calle de Fuencarral is characterized by saturated coloring and simplicity of the composition. He depicts a female figure perplexed in an almost dreamy state, surrounded by plants and books.

Poni at Plaza Puerta Cerrada

The Mexican artist Hilda Palafox aka PONI creates gracious work populated with female characters which awaken the reminiscence of the curvaceous fertility of our origin. The artist focuses on the search for tranquility, stoicism and exploration of femininity, all portrayed through playful equanimity between shapes and colors.

Poni's mural is located in an old part of the city near Plaza Mayor, an important spot for all the Madridians. As with all of her murals, this one features female characters and speaks of sisterhood. This time, the artist also tackled the theme of race, depicting two women of different skin color merging with each other. In their hands, they carry a half-blood moon with life growing out of it. One of her biggest murals so far, it is rendered in her distinct clean and sophisticated style with very strong colors.

Pro176 at Callejon de Tribulete

A street artist coming from Paris, Pro176 is a proponent of a new form of graffiti, an aesthetic always imbued by Marvel, abstract futuristic mathematics, literary constructivism and brutally refined cubism. His works feature big hi-tech scenes as if translated directly from comics, bursting with color, but restrained with thick contour.

Located in a narrow passage of the Callejon de Tribulete, the mural is not easy to find, but it overwhelms when spotted. Rendered in Pro176's distinct cartoonish visual language, it brings a stunning splash of color to the area.

Marat Morik at calle Santa Isabel 18

An acclaimed Russian street artist, Marat Morik first developed a passion for graffiti in the 1990s through hip-hop culture. He has since developed a unique visual language, masterfully combining abstract forms with realism, expressionism and typographic elements. He is particularly interested in texture, mixing techniques and materials on different surfaces.

As Marat explains, his subjects are mostly criminals, prostitutes or serial killers, but he can also get romantic. For this piece, he chose to depict Anna Akhmatova, the famous Russian poet whose portrait he first found many years ago. The artist depicted her in a mugshot style, from three points of view. Rendered in his recognizable style, the entire piece is a riming of colors and textures. He has also been receiving some love from locals who have been approaching him with curiosity and kindness.

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