Beautiful Murals in 2015

December 31, 2015

When MadC wasn’t busy exhibiting her works at galleries or working on her book she was on the streets doing what she does best – creating stunning murals. It is hard to keep track of all her public pieces, so we will pick our favorites here. In May, while visiting New York for her Bits and Pieces exhibition, MadC completed a beautiful collaborative piece with the artist Crash. The same month in Vitry, Paris she painted a large-scale wall, creating an impressive piece that found itself on our list of top 100 murals of the past two years. This summer MadC also painted three new murals in Dortmund and she described this process in the first part of her diary. MadC also shared her Dulwich adventures with us regarding the painting of the mural for Dulwich Outdoor Gallery. Prior to the show at Pure Evil gallery, MadC worked on a mural inspired by the Old Master painting, making an abstract version of Venetia, Lady Digby, on her Deathbed by Sir Anthony van Dyck.

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