Taste Urban Art in Rome

September 11, 2014

In its original form, at least the one we perceive as the beginning, hedonism did not entail the decadence of mass culture or had any negative connotations. It was a school of thought which argued that pleasure is the only innate good. However, this is not a hollow concept concerning the state of simply “enjoying something”, but rather an idea that pleasure is a state achieved through sublime appreciation of an object or notion. For example, a love for good wine or inspirational art

BEZT wine cases


An event that celebrates art and wine called myFINBEC has been organized for the past few years by Cave Fin Bec winery. It is a product of the passion of proprietor Yvo Mathier, who has articulated the love for wine and urban art into one experience. Each year artists paint eight wine labels on 672 stacked wood wine crate. The eight paintings are then printed as wine labels for a special limited edition of organic wine from Cave Fin Bec. After this, each of the paintings is taken apart, case by case, in order to fill the cases with six bottles of wine. myFINBEC creates an opportunity to make the work affordable to the public, in order to create a chance for people to have a piece of original art. In the eyes of myFINBEC, it is all about sharing…

Taste Urban Art in Rome

C215 / Etam Cru / Herakut / Vhils

To see these names together represents an exciting incentive for any urban art enthusiast. The work of C215 has been featured through many solo and group exhibitions. This autumn will bring a retrospective of the inspirational years of artwork. Polish duo Bezt and Sainer, known as Etam Cru, are creators of mesmerizing surreal stories with sources of inspiration deriving from many curious narratives. The photorealistic elements of Akut and the figures created by Hera transcend into mesmerizing artwork of Herakut, filled with imaginative and memorable characters. And finally, the capabilities of the well known young master of surface transformation render Vhils to be, just like the rest of the list, one of the most respected urban artists working today. It is truly an ensemble of individuals who shape the arena of contemporary art…

Herakut wine cases

Tasting Urban Art

The interesting project which articulates the tastes of wine lovers and urban art enthusiasts called myFINBEC has begun a European Tour which will consist of four day pop-up shows in various cities. In Rome, it will be hosted by Wunderkammern gallery. The show will feature eight murals of 6 square meters each and the visitors will be able to purchase sections of the original art which will be materialized as wood wine cases. The cases will, of course, be filled with Cave Fin Bec’s organic red and white wine. In addition, signed limited edition prints of each painting will be available. For 2014, in the period between September 26th and September 28th, myFINBEC and Wunderkammern gallery present the works of Vhils, Herakut, C215 and Etam Cru.

Vhils wine cases

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