Pure Vandalism Elevated to a Real Artistic Level: Nadib Bandi at iDroom - Art Hotel Windsor

Exhibition Announcements

June 7, 2016

The collaboration between iDroom and Art Hotel Windsor brought to life a new Nadib Bandi exhibition, entitled Swiss Dream. iDroom and Art Hotel Windsor have a goal of creating fresh and exciting hotel concept, which brings the world of street and urban art right at the heart of the hotel stay experience. This idea has managed to grow because of its simplicity, and as such is refreshingly novel to the Geneva hotel scene, as well as the worldwide hotel experience. All the artworks have been handpicked by some of the greatest names in the street art world who created wall designs and personal artifacts inside the hotel to bring the unique artistic experience to the guests, who, simultaneously, become the viewers as well. The aim is to break the expectations the guests have when it comes to hotel norms in the sense of the visual experience, which is often quite sterile and minimal.

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Nadib Bandi - 3D Graffiti installation

Art Hotel Windsor Experience

The viewing experience commences as soon as one enters the magical world of iDroom – Art Hotel Windsor. The lobby is basically an urban art gallery, where the character of the artist can be felt through his or her artworks that often range from paintings, sculptures, live footage, and even murals. Every two months, the artworks are changed to free up space for the next artist, but the in-room designs of each artist remain as they are. iDroom – Art Hotel Windsor respects the individuality and preference of each guest, and seeks to provide them with the unique design experience. Every guest is allowed to pick a room according to their own taste and the artist they like. iDroom in collaboration with Art Hotel Windsor is open for public, and the artist rooms can be seen every two months as well when they are open for public viewing.

Nadib Bandi exhibition schließen  account nadibbandi  anmelden cookies instagram  2015
Nadib Bandi - Alpine Spring, 2016

A Little Bit About Nadib Bandi

Nadib Bandi is an artist who began working in the field of graffiti in the mid-1990s, in the golden age of the hip-hop culture in France. During that time, he lived in Paris and became involved with the infamous title of “Graff Vandal”, and since then aerosol art became more than a means of expression, it became a way of life. In 1999, he went back to Geneva where he started utilizing a new approach in his creative work, which resulted in the more experimental artworks. His works drew inspiration and were influenced by the abstract painting of the 20th century, especially by the works of Georges Matthew, Soulages, and Pollock. Bandi continued to explore the stylistic world through his travels between Geneva, Marseille, and Barcelona. In the early 2000s, he was back in Geneva where he created his first abstract paintings, very much different from what he used to paint on the walls. This experience changed his approach to graffiti art drastically. He is an artist who managed to take pure vandalism and make art out of it, bringing it to a new level that can be seen in his paintings, drawings, frescoes, and sculptures.

Nadib Bandi - 3D Graffiti Installation

Nadib Bandi Exhibition

Nadib Bandi exhibition Swiss Dream opens on June 7th at 6 PM at iDroom - Art Hotel Windsor. Bandi has created a new room design at the hotel, and will show his new canvas and build two installations inside the hotel premises. The exhibition will run from June 7th to June 24th, 2016. Art Hotel Windsor - iDroom is located at 31 rue de Berne, 1201, Geneva in Switzerland. Dare to live the urban experience and to break free from the stereotypical hotel designs and let your stay be a unique artistic adventure! Make sure you take the time to visit the exhibition, and who knows, maybe you will fall in love with the art hotel concept, and forget about the minimalism and sterile environments with the Nadib Bandi exhibition!

All images courtesy of iDroom - Art Hotel Windsor.
Featured image: Nadib Bandi - B26A, 2016

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