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November 3, 2016

Vogliamo Tutto! - We Want It All! This is the first message that greeted us upon the entrance to the Artissima Oval hall. If considered the nature of the art fair as the large, polished market where art is basically bought and sold, this message might appear a little to obvious. In fact, the message is delivered in a much broader sense, through a piece created by Alfredo Jaar at the outside wall of the Lia Rumma stand. Such a universal message announced an unexpected trend at the present edition of Artissima, embodied in the notable presence of neon art.

Neon is not exactly a new invention, it has been around the art for a while, explored by many contemporaries, from Tracey Emin, to Robert Montgomery. An observation we picked up at the art fair in Turin is that many of the notable Italian contemporary art galleries showcase at least one piece created in neon, perhaps highlighting a current trend in collecting.

From Lia Rumma, we move over to Franco Noero and Mark Handforth’s piece, continue to Raffaella Cortese booth and the work by Marcello Maloberti, but the culmination comes definitely at the Alberto Peola booth and the famous Martin Creed’s SHIT. Many of the galleries present pieces executed in neon, as the medium appears to be among favorites when delivering a strong political or social message. As if nothing else highlights the text so well, the glowing bent lettering remains in focus and now - in the interest of collectors.

Considering this small tendency, we picked out ten of our favorite neon art pieces to collect at Artissima 2016.

Alfredo Jaar - Vogliamo Tutto

Booth: Galleria Lia Rumma
Medium: Red neon mounted directly on the wall
Size: 101,6 x 101,6 cm

Mark Handforth - Twisted Red Star

Booth: Galleria Franco Noero
Medium: Aluminum, neon, wood
Size: 250 x 190 x 110 cm

Martin Creed - Work no.281 Shit

Booth: Alberto Peola
Medium: Neon
Size: 15 x 20 cm

David Horvitz - Whenever I take a shower I always wonder when the water was a cloud

Booth: ChertLüdde
Medium: Neon
Size: 700 × 550 cm

Joseph Kosuth - Zero and Not 14 (Freud series)

Booth: Vistamare
Medium: Neon mounted directly on the wall
Size: 12 × 300 cm

Sybren Renema - Tod und das Maedchen

Booth: Duerst Britt & Mayhew
Medium: Neon
Size: Dimensions variable

Runo Lagomarsino - Mare Nostrum

Booth: Francesca Minini
Medium: Neon
Size: 26,5 x 250 cm

Piotr Kowalski - Perspective

Booth: Galerie Eva Meyer
Medium: Photography on canvas with blue neon
Size: 130 x 195 cm

Pier Paolo Calzolari - Veloce galoppa verde cipolla

Booth: Repetto
Medium: Virginia tobacco leaf, white cold fluorescent tube, transformer, dimmer box
Size: Dimensions variable, about 28 x 85 cm

Shezad Dawood - Elliptical Variations II

Booth: Galerie Gabriel Rolt
Medium: Wall-mounted neon
Size: 160 x 400 cm

Pricess of all artworks are available upon request. Images courtesy Widewalls.

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