How Magical can Shoes be? Try These on for Size at neurotitan Gallery

Exhibition Announcements

May 28, 2016

Life hangs by a thread and we should all try to imagine what it would be like to walk in somebody else’s shoes. The neurotitan Gallery in Berlin is proud to present the group exhibition If You Were in My Shoes If I Were In Your Shoes, featuring the works of Tigrowa, Uta Kathleen Kalthoff, Eva Ammermann, Maren Schwartzkopf, and Susanne Hampe. Approaching the simple object, such as the shoe, from their own points of view, and means of artistic expression, ranging from photography, mixed media works, illustrations and serigraphy, as well as 3D objects, the exhibition reflects the search for adventure and the eclectic spirit of contemporary artworks today.

neurotitan gallery
Susanne Hampe

The Connecting Thread

It all starts with the shoe, this simple object that is sometimes the only companion on our travels. A red shoe, dancing shoe, lost shoe, the magic of the shoe is lifted to a metaphysical level to stand as a recorder of our lives, as a recorder of conquered and lost roads. For the occasion of the exhibition If You Were in My Shoes If I Were In Your Shoes, the object is stripped of the traditional role as a fashionable accessory, and is viewed as a protective emblem, and the symbol of the passing time, and mobilization, reflecting the idea that the objects we wear, absorb in the end the spirit of the person and of the time.

neurotitan gallery
Left: Tigrowa / Right: Maren Schwartzkopf

The  Featured Artists

The eclectic nature of contemporary art and the variety of styles and approaches that artists today employ is reflected here, as the featured artists work across a range of art disciplines. From the illustrative works of Tigrowa where the exploration of the printmaking technique serigraphy is an essential element for the artist’s production, across to the medium of sculpture and assemblage of the found object showcased in the work of Susane Hampe. The growing concern for the deconstructive constructivism, precise cuts and application of images reflecting the importance of juxtaposition and the creation of pictures which are full of humor and traces of Surrealism, collages of Uta Kathleen Kalthoff, place the shoe at the center of the ambiguous setting above the suggestive words Good Life. Experienced ceramic artist, Maren Schwartzkopf, reflects the symbolic nature of the shoe and presents fairytale roads, with Monsters and cookie crumbles while the exploration of the material, of the simple thread as a starting point for the creation of different garments, the photography and inter-disciplinary approach of Eva Ammermann, reflects the social issues of the globalized trade market, the mass production and the emblematic power of the simple thread.

Ute Kathleen Kalthoff - The Shoe Stories

If You Were in My Shoes If I Were In Your Shoes at the neurotitan Gallery

The neurotitan Gallery in Berlin is proud to present the group exhibition If You Were in My Shoes If I Were In Your Shoes, where the featured artists not only reflect and take the shoe as a starting point for their works but also expose the major trends of contemporary art today. Lasting from 4th June until 25th June 2016, the displayed works for sure showcase the magic of an everyday object.

All images courtesy of neurotitan Gallery and the artists. Featured image in slider: Eva Ammermann – Faden.