Mr. A at New Pop

September 8, 2014

He had moved to France as a young boy who grew up in Sweden. When he started tagging the walls and mailboxes of Paris, he had promised himself to paint ten locations a day and, if he was to fall short on occasion, he would catch up the next day. This street artist is known for a distinctive style, as a club owner and an active artist on social media. He is an inspiration to artists who wish to create in the field of mixed media. He is the creator of the cult Mr. A… Do you know who are we talking about yet?

Mr. A at New Pop
Andre Saraiva, Box Mr. A (2012)

Graffiti in the DNA

Andre Saraiva is a well known graffiti artist and one of the street artists who started painting the walls of Paris at an early age. He had been a part of the scene when it was developing and says that graffiti is something that “fits perfectly with his DNA…” In a recent interview, he remembered those days when the most important thing was to paint and write on the walls (read the interview highlights here). Today, Saraiva is a successful entrepreneur involved with cultural industries and the business of hospitality. His ongoing retrospective exhibition at Lisbon’s MUDE is an extraordinary opportunity to get acquainted with the artist’s particular style and aesthetics.

Mr. A at New Pop
Andre Saraiva at New Pop Festival

New Pop Festival

SWR3 New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden will last from September 11th to September 14th 2014. It is a multimedia event which includes live performances, festival concerts, unplugged concerts, live star talks. The festival will be streamed live during the evenings from Thursday to Sunday. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, many venues in Baden-Baden will host the Party Nights with free admission. The poster for New Pop Festival 2014 features the famous Mr. A by Andre Saraiva…

Mr. A at New Pop
New Pop Festival

Monsieur A at LA8

In addition to the design contribution, Andre Saraiva will showcase his work through an exhibition at LA 8. The artist will present a new body of work and participate in the live painting performance at the Museum Frieder Burda. Saraiva has said that the New Pop Festival is exactly something that is his cup of tea – as an international club expert, he will enjoy the New Pop-party location and, as he says, “super concerts.” The SWR3 team invites you to enjoy the artwork of Andre Saraiva and the new edition of New Pop Festival…

Mr. A at New Pop
New Pop Festival poster

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