Collectors' Tip - A Selection of Nippon Neo-Pop From Galerie Jacob Paulett

January 5, 2020

A term probably coined by the Japanese art magazine’s editor Kiyoshi Kusumi and championed by would-become critic Noi Sawaragi, Neo-Pop or New Pop is not only a resurgence of Pop art but rather a form of artistic expression unique to Japan. Often appropriating from the country’s popular culture, the Nippon Neo-Pop Movement examines the country's complex history. Like a melting pot of the modern and the traditional, neo-pop encompasses a diverse range of artists, including Takashi Murakami, Kenji Yanobe, Makoto Aida, Katsuhige Nakahashi, and Hiro Ando.

This burgeoning movement is the main artistic axes of the Galerie Jacob Paulett. We bring you some of the best Neo-Pop works from the gallery's roster, available for purchase now!

Featured image: Ioam Yumako - Red Shodo (detail), 2011. All images courtesy of Jacob Paulett.

Akif Hakan - Fashion Is Image

A Turkish-American photographer, Akif Hakan is known for sensual photographs that capture more than just erotica or glamour. Influenced by fashion, cinema, the history of photography and experimental portraits of Man Ray, he carefully designs his characters and creates a different kind of storytelling free of traditional photographic rules.

In this work from 2008 titled Fashion Is Image, the artist is attempting to reflect the minds of the mad.

Buy the work here.

Miki Kato - Peeps

Born in Sweden and raised in Japan, a multi-platform artist Miki Kato is known for her interesting paintings, drawings and photography executed in the Japanese Neo-Pop style. The artist prides herself in versatility, as she has tested herself in many different mediums and forms of art with great success.

In this black and white work titled Peeps, the artist successfully combines photography and drawing.

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Potchi Moopp - Shitake, Magicmushrooms

The work of Potchi Moopp is heavily influenced by the world of manga and anime. This young Japanese artist successfully blurs the borders between fine art and manga comics, predominantly working in painting and sculpture.

This work is part of the Magic & Crazy Mushrooms series. Inspired by the Super Mario Bros, a video game that has conquered the world, Crazy Mushrooms is a recurring motif in her work.

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Mr. - Untitled

A Japanese contemporary artist, Mr. works in painting, sculpture and video. Despite the diversity of media, his works are all closely related through distinct aesthetics, style, and themes. He also worked as an assistant to Takashi Murakami for eight years, being a member of his Kaikai Kiki studio.

The work Untitled from 2013 depicts a girl in an anime and manga style, drawing upon the aesthetics and attitudes of otaku culture, and lolicon themes – a term originally shorthand for "Lolita Complex".

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Ioam Yumako - Red Shodo

An alias for Milosh Herzig, Ioam Yumako makes fine oil paintings with motifs of Japanese contemporary culture. His large-scale works demonstrate the artist’s great attention to detail, focusing for example on the eyes of his figures.

The work Red Shodo combines a hyperrealistic approach with pop culture technicolor. The artist managed to show the nature of the character just by catching his facial expression. His characters in general always personify innocence, purity or wisdom.

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