Galleries from Eastern and Southern Europe Unite in a Digital Week-Long Program

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May 12, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic forced the world to stop in its tracks, including the art world. The majority of art museums and galleries remain closed and the biennials and fairs have been canceled or postponed.

As the health crisis puts a lot of strain on galleries worldwide that take part in the global system of art fairs, a group of eastern and southern European galleries are joining forces to stage a week’s worth of online programming that includes virtual interviews, artist talks, studio visits, and a digital exhibition—while their physical spaces are closed.

This digital art event is the last iteration of Not Cancelled, an initiative launched for Vienna galleries last month that has since expanded to parts of western Europe and the US.

Dávid Biró - Do you accept cookies? #02, 2020, Thea Gvetadze - Becoming Thea Merlani, 2018
Left: Dávid Biró - Do you accept cookies? #02, 2020. Courtesy of Trapéz Gallery / Right: Thea Gvetadze - Becoming Thea Merlani, 2018. Courtesy of LC Queisser

Bringing Together Eastern and Souther European Galleries

Organized by the heads of Sariev gallery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and LambdaLambdaLambda in Priština, Kosovo, Not Cancelled East x South will bring together galleries from Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and Georgia.

The event will present an exciting program of digital art events and an online exhibition of the participating galleries, giving some visibility to all the galleries in the wider region and showing the bigger picture of what is happening in this part of Europe.

Alongside the two aforemention galleries, other participants are The Breeder from Athens,  Eugster || Belgrade from Belgrade, KisteremAni Molnár Gallery and Trapéz from Budapest, LC QueisserGallery NectarWindow ProjectE.A. Shared Space and Patara Gallery from Tbilisi, Öktem Aykut from Istanbul, Galeria Plan B from Berlin, SABOT from Cluj-Napoca, and Suprainfinit Gallery and Ivan from Bucharest.

Zsolt Asztalos - My story – My version, 2015
Zsolt Asztalos - My story – My version, 2015. Courtesy of Ani Molnár Gallery

The Program

As the overall structure these galleries rely on is currently nonexistent, they were forced to re-think some things and find different solutions.

Each participating gallery will present one artist from their roster, while many will also stage additional programs. LambdaLambdaLambda will present works and arrange a remote poetry reading by Dardan Zhegrova; Ani Molnár, a will present works by the artist Zsolt Asztalos, whose current exhibition is still on view; The Breeder will present works by Evi Kalogiropoulou; Galeria Plan B will present works by Ciprian Muresan; while SABOT will present works by Nona Inescu.

Ciprian Muresan - Suicide Series, Arshile Gorky - The Artist and his Mother 1926-36, 2014-2015, Shotiko Aptsiauri - Mountain of Shifting Realities, 2019.
Left: Ciprian Muresan - Suicide Series, Arshile Gorky - The Artist and his Mother 1926-36, 2014-2015. Courtesy of Galeria Plan B / Right: Shotiko Aptsiauri - Mountain of Shifting Realities, 2019. Courtesy of Window project

Not Cancelled East x South

Not Cancelled East x South will take place from May 12th until May 19th, 2020.

Born out of the necessity for viable digital options for art institutions that arose from the global closure of physical spaces, Not Cancelled seeks to keep the art community engaged and to provide mid and long-term solutions to help galleries promote and sell art online in a sustainable way.

Featured image: Nona Inescu - Brittle bones I, 2018. Courtesy of SABOT. All images courtesy Not Cancelled East x South.