NYCHOS at Openspace Paris

April 27, 2015

Austrian street artist and renowned muralist, NYCHOS, the man responsible for leaving a trail of dissected animals around the world, is heading to Paris for a new solo exhibition. Openspace Gallery in Paris will present the new solo exhibition, Off the Wall, the first solo exhibition of work by NYCHOS in France. NYCHOS has become recognised globally for his beautifully painted street art and murals that depict dissected animal bodies on a massive scale, highly illustrative and full of wonderful details. The new solo exhibition, Off the Wall, sees the artist presenting a bestiary of surgical illustrations across twenty artworks, produced on paper and canvas. Openspace Gallery is renowned for its strong street art influenced exhibitions, including the recent Water Takes the Shape of Its Container by Know Hope and Taking Shape by Augustine Kofie.

Openspace Gallery
Left: NYCHOS - dessin Anatomy of a Smile. 2014 / Right: NYCHOS - Anatomy of a Smile. 2015. Canvas 90 x 60cm

Off the Wall at Openspace Gallery

Fans of the dissected animal bodies of street artist and renowned muralist NYCHOS, are going to be thrilled by the Off the Wall solo exhibition at Openspace Gallery in Paris. The first solo exhibition of work by the Austrian street artist in France will give viewers the chance to get up close and personal to the anatomically skinned and dissected creatures, with the Austrian street artist revisiting many of the murals he has created across the world to create more intimate versions. Among the dissected animals present in Off the Wall will be Dissection of a Black Widow (Hamburg), Dissection of a Megalodon (Hawaii) and Dissection of an Orca (New York). Also on show at the Off the Wall exhibition will be a number of remarkable black and white designs, created by NYCHOS in ink on paper. These excellent drawings show dissected creatures that were also used in murals and paintings, but are here revealed in dynamic and energetic drawings, showing off the graphic and illustration skills of NYCHOS to the maximum. If you have ever wondered just how he creates his amazing murals then watch these videos, NYCHOS & Flyingfortess in Vienna and Snake Bait.

Openspace Gallery
Left: NYCHOS - Hunt for Salmon. 2015. Canvas 120x100cm / Right: NYCHOS - Dissection of a Black Widow. 2015. Canvas 120x100cm

Dissections of NYCHOS

The dissections of NYCHOS in the new solo exhibition, Off the Wall at Openspace Gallery, offer a unique chance to get personal with the fascinating artworks the street artist creates. A perfect example is the Hunt for Salmon canvas, an image that NYCHOS used to create a huge mural in Vienna recently. The 24 metre high Dissection of a Polar Bear was created over four days recently and is the largest mural on the streets of Vienna, images can be seen in our Street Update #72 article. NYCHOS created the new dissection mural as part of the 10th anniversary of his Rabbit Eye Movement street art concept, which has resulted in his Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space and Gallery in Vienna. Dissection of a Polar Bear also coincided with the premiere of the art documentary film, The Deepest Depths of the Burrow, which captures the experiences of NYCHOS and includes interviews with other street artists such as LOOK and Tristan Eaton. Off the Wall at Openspace continues the dissection experiences of NYCHOS, with an excellent selection of intimate works on paper and canvas.

Openspace Gallery
NYCHOS - Dessin Dissection of a Deer. 2015

Openspace Gallery
NYCHOS - Dissection of an Orca. 2015. Canvas 100x140cm

Openspace Gallery
NYCHOS - Dissection of a Whale. New-York, 2013

Openspace Gallery
NYCHOS - Cross Section of a Black Widow. Hamburg, 2014

Openspace Gallery
NYCHOS and Jeff Soto - Dissection of a shark. POW WOW Hawaii. 2013

Openspace Gallery
NYCHOS - Lepus Pellis Os Omentum. Black Gold version. 2014

Also available for purchase at the Off The Wall solo exhibition at Openspace Gallery, will be the last few remaining copies of the sculpture released by NYCHOS in 2014, Lepus Pellis Os Omemtum.

Off the Wall by NYCHOS opens at Openspace Gallery, Paris, on 2nd May, 2015 and runs through until 16th May, 2015. Off the Wall opening reception is on Saturday 2nd May, 2015, 6-9pm.

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Portraits of NYCHOS by  Hannes Friesenegger.

Images courtesy of Openspace Gallery.

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