What's the Time? It's Graffiti O'CLOCK at David Bloch Gallery

April 17, 2016

Marrakesh-based David Bloch Gallery is organizing O’CLOCK exhibition – a show with works by one of the most renowned French street and urban artists. The show is being organized in collaboration with ART AZOÏ and CONFLUENCES and will take place in Paris, France. In the meantime, if you find yourself in Marrakesh, you can enjoy the exhibition of Swiz entitled Chaos Control that will be on view from May 6 until June 5 at David Bloch Gallery. Back in Paris, urban art lovers will have an opportunity to enjoy amazing works by legendary Parisian graffiti artist O’CLOCK. The show is titled Ubiquités.

O Clock exhibition
O'CLOCK, Ubiquity, David Bloch Gallery

Graffiti as an Alibi – The Art of O’CLOCK

O’CLOCK was born in 1976, and he lives and works in Paris. He discovered graffiti scene in the late 1980s, in the suburbs of the Parisian metropolitan. It was 1995 when his first tag under the nickname O’CLOCK appeared in Paris and its suburban areas. Many claim that O’CLOCK is one of the most productive and most imaginative taggers and graffiti artists in the history of French street art. Here is what O’CLOCK says about his approach: I do not like the status quo and recipes that work. I like taking risks, scaring myself. When I express myself there is a big part of improvisation and renewal who depend on my mood, trusting my instincts. feeling the atmosphere, evaluating the emergency of the situation to adapt my ideas. Of course, I got classic and efficient but I prefer not to repeat the same tag or the same pieces forever, I need to renew my delight surprise, change, renew, confrontation with the unknown and danger, my alibi is graffiti. His works can be found in places where you least expect them to appear. With the multidisciplinary approach, he puts his signature on all media protean streets, subways, trains, trucks, tunnels, rooftops, highways.

O Clock exhibition
O'CLOCK, Ubiquity, David Bloch Gallery. The exhibition Ubiquity takes place in Paris


O’CLOCK focuses on all artistic projects that are related to graffiti. But, in O’CLOCK exhibitions, you can see installations involving photography, video, and several explicit objects gathering, painting, sculpture. For the artist, graffiti is just “an excuse” to start the process. He uses graffiti as a technique with which artist expresses his desires, motivations, explains the context – all these in order to understand the world, to understand the essence of the consuming passion. And of course, there is always the mystery surrounding graffiti practice, followed with anonymity, alter-ego, adrenaline which determines the artist’s actions and practice. As Laura C. wrote: If the graffiti is applied to break the codes of the Beautiful or the Good Taste, O'clock plays getting out codes of the same graffiti. Making the tag a noble figure, each time re-experienced, improvised, surprising, designed according to the place, the desire, the present, the available time or the tool in pocket. The freedom to be everywhere, to be flagrant and invisible.

O Clock exhibition
O'CLOCK, Ubiquity, David Bloch Gallery. The exhibition will be on view until May 6

O’CLOCK Exhibition in Paris

Ubiquity - Be everywhere, everywhere at once, in the urban space, in all its possibilities, in all its media. Paint the smallest nook and the most visible place with the same pleasure, the same obstinacy. There are no preferred medium. They all are. O'clock, six letters, an apostrophe, as a wake-up call time remaining, vacant, to be filled– this is how Laura C. explains O’CLOCK practice. The exhibition Ubiquités is a must-see event for all art lovers. Organized by David Bloch Gallery - in collaboration with ART AZOÏ and CONFLUENCES, the O’CLOCK exhibition will be on view from April 20 until May 6, 2016 in Paris at Confluences - 190 bd de Charonne 75020. The opening will take place on Wednesday, April 20, at 6pm.

Featured Images: O'CLOCK, Ubiquity,  David Bloch Gallery. All images courtesy of David Bloch Gallery.

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