Oliver Jeffers Exhibition Mixes Aesthetics With the Analytical in Painting - Coming to Lazarides London

November 9, 2015

It's not a secret that artists have a different world-view than other people. But have you ever wondered how much does the representation of our planet differ in the works of various individuals and miscellaneous professions? Oliver Jeffers' Measuring Land and Sea exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone gallery might have an answer to that question. In his latest series of paintings, Oliver Jeffers explores different views of the world through the juxtaposition of art and science. Both fields represent contrasting human characteristics and while one is by nature subjective, the other is defined by the pursuit of objectivity.

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Oliver Jeffers' Oil Painting

Oliver Jeffers is Measuring Land and Sea

For the upcoming Measuring Land and Sea solo show Oliver Jeffers has combined classical landscape and seascape painting with scientific measuring thus confronting two different ways of perceiving our surroundings. Exploration of various dualities has been the cornerstone of his work for years and in his latest series the artist conjoins artistic aesthetics (where there's no such things as boundaries and wrong answers) with a more rigid, analytical approach. This difference between the subjective and the objective and between reason and emotions represents a central motif of the artist's Measuring Land and Sea solo show. Oliver Jeffers examines, often futile quest for self-improvement, wondering about the arrogance of man and the temptation to be completely ignorant.

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Oliver Jeffers' Artwork

To Overthink and To Comprehend

By adding the redundant elements to his works, Oliver Jeffers points to two fundamental obstacles in our reasoning : the tendency to overthink and the inability to fully understand the world around us. The tendency of people to over-complicate is implied by adding unnecessary information to otherwise undisturbed terrains. The tranquility of the beautiful landscapes is being disrupted by lines that mark angles of the gradients that occur in the image. Although truthful, these numbers act as intruders in the serene backdrop of the images. The inability of people to fully comprehend the world around them is depicted in his images of ocean waves that constantly change their depth. Data on the paintings are shown in fathoms, a now obsolete system for measuring. The artist leaves these archaic measuring marks to emphasize the futility of the effort to determinate the constantly changing depth of the ocean, thus portraying human incapability to quantify the immeasurable vastness of our universe.

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Oliver Jeffers' Oil Painting

The Complicated World of Oliver Jeffers at Lazaride Rathbone

Artist Oliver Jeffers uses his art to explore the various ways in which the human mind understands its environment. By adding unnecessary distractions to his paintings, the artist emphasizes the limits of our perceived knowledge. Oliver Jeffers' oil paintings are marked with curiosity and wit as he portrays the futility of our intense desire to know it all. Measuring Land and Sea at Lazarides Rathbone gallery in London will be on view from Friday, November 20th, 2015 till December 23rd, 2015.

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Featured Images : Artworks by Oliver Jeffers
Images courtesy of Lazaride Rathbone gallery

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