Open Walls Gallery in New Location: Grand Opening with Vermibus and Jordan Seiler

June 28, 2015

Contemporary and fine art gallery Open Walls in Berlin is moving into a new exhibition space and will celebrate the event with style. Public Art is a central motif of the grand opening and artists Vermibus and Jordan Seiler will be joining the event by displaying their artworks. Special group show by the two artists at Open Walls gallery in Berlin represents a statement against commercialization of urban environment and visual pollution in cities, made by advertising. The new stage in the evolution of Open Walls gallery will enable the gallery to expand its work to include new and promising artists and increase its reach, both as curator and arts dealer.

Open Walls gallery, Berlin
Left : Vermibus - Macorin / Right : Vermibus - Another Love

Public Art by Jordan Seiler

New York based artist Jordan Seiler, is known for taking down billboard posters from the streets and using them as canvases for his artworks. Jordan Seiler's long-term project titled PublicAdCampaign is confronting the entanglement of public spaces and commercial advertising. PublicAdCampaign project started in 2000 and in the following years has become a collective campaign with over hundred participants involved. Jordan Seiler is also a prompt participant of NO AD DAY champaign. The campaign sets a day when artists and activists around the world join to fight the commercialization of public spaces, at the same time upsetting the normal viewing habits of the citizens. On NO AD DAY 2014 over 300 advertisement posters on the streets were taken down.

Open Walls gallery, Berlin
Jordan Seiler on Open Walls Gallery's Grand Opening Poster

Dissolving Europe by Vermibus

Vermibus is a Berlin based artist that uses public spaces to criticize the consumerism of modern society and the dehumanization present in commercials. Much like Jordan Seiler, his main target are billboards that eliminate person’s identity in order to replace it by the identity of the brand. The two artists worked together previously and joined forces on NO AD DAY in November 2014 to free the world of advertising and visual pollution. The exhibition on the grand opening of Open Walls gallery’s new space, will display the Berlin based artist's latest works but also a series of images made by Thomas von Wittich during the Dissolving Europe project. For the Dissolving Europe project, Vermibus performed around 100 interventions in six European cities by removing the advertisement posters from the street and transforming them into works of art. During the eighteen days long project Vermibus unlocked the billboard’s cases and rolled down the posters to create a refreshing blank space in the middle of over-polluted city scapes. Then he removed the flesh of the models that were already dehumanized by the advertisement industry, and altered their appearance using a variety of solvents. The posters were then repositioned in carefully selected places in another city in a different country in Europe.

A video of Vermibus' Dissolving Europe Project

The Grand Opening of Open Walls Gallery in Berlin

The grand opening of Open Walls gallery's new space is scheduled for July 3rd, between 6 pm and 10 pm. The gallery is relocated at the center of Berlin-Mitte at Schröderstrasse 11. A part of the opening celebration will be an introduction speech about Ad-Bursting and Public Art, that will be given by Jordan Seiler. Group show at Open Walls gallery in Berlin will also include a multimedia segment by the New York based artist. Group exhibition of works by Jordan Seiler and Vermibus at Open Walls gallery in Berlin will continue to run after the opening night till August 28th, 2015.

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Featured image: Open Walls Gallery Grand Opening Poster
All images and video courtesy of Open Walls gallery

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