Rome's Outdoor Festival Celebrates the European Year of Cultural Heritage

April 28, 2018

Taking place annually for the past eight years, Outdoor festival 2018 celebrates the European year of cultural heritage. Italy’s biggest festival dedicated entirely to metropolitan culture, it returns to Mattatoio in Rome for the 9th time this spring.

Following this year’s main theme “Heritage”, Outdoor 2018 poses important questions: What is heritage today? Which cultures are considered as a heritage of our society? Which heritage are we building and which one will we pass on to future generations?

The festival will present a diverse offer articulated through its different sections: Art, Music and Television, with special areas dedicated to lectures and to a market of contemporary makers.

Scorpion Dagger - Forest Party. Outdoor 2018
Scorpion Dagger - Forest Party. Outdoor 2018

Disobedience and Total Recall - The Art Pavilion

Curated by Antonella Di Lullo and Christian Omodeo, the art pavilion will present an immersive, interactive and playful experience. The venue is designed as a big labyrinth with an exhibition in the center. Each visitor will have to choose their own experience among the four trails that represent the various ways of interacting with heritage.

The first trail, Disobedience, brings together artists who have introduced elements of discontinuity in historical storytelling. The display includes the crew of German graffiti writers Berlin Kidz, Italian artists Fra Biancoshock and Paolo Buggiani, French artist Mathieu Tremblin, and Portuguese artist Wasted Rita, among others.

The second trail, Total Recall, is based on the references to the past, presenting a nostalgic and ironic re-appropriation of heritage. The highlights of the section include the Chinese illustrator Tony Cheung, the Italian artist Leonardo Crudi, the French street artist Madame, the Spanish artist Sam 3, the Canadian artist Scorpion Dagger, and a master of 3D art Rub Kandy, among others.

Leonardo Crudi
Left and Right: Leonardo Crudi

Speedlight and Retromania

The third trail, Speedlight, serve as an experiment for a new system that goes back to the future. The section includes the UK street artist Kid Acne, an artistic project by Roman architects and designers Lorenzo Pagliara and Gianmaria ZonfrilloMotorefisico, the art experiment Quiet Ensemble, and the Roman artist Uno, among others.

The fourth trail, Retromania, considers the mechanism for including the industrial objects for mass consumption in a historical tale normally reserved for unique and exclusive productions intended for the elites. The section includes the street photographer Ricky Powell, and the sneaker collection of Fabrizio Efrati, I Love Tokyo.

Ricky Powell - Basquiat and Warhol
Ricky Powell - Basquiat and Warhol © Ricky Powell

Outdoor in Rome

In addition to the art program, the festival will also present a music program that will host a line-up inspired by the trends and sounds that have left a mark on recent generations, a rich program of lectures and symposiums that take place every Friday of the festival, a television section that deals with the Italian television heritage through screenings and talks divided into four Sunday events, and a weekly market that will offer craftsmanship and design, vintage, streetwear, publishing and illustrations.

Outdoor takes place at the Mattatoio in Rome until May 12th, 2018.

Promoted by Roma Capitale – Office of Cultural Growth in cooperation with Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, the event is created and directed by Nufactory creative agency, with the support of Regione Lazio.

The art program of the festival will take place from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and from 12 to 9 p.m. on Sundays. The price of the ticket is 10€ (8€ reduced) and it includes the entry to lectures and the market.

Featured images: Motorefisico. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Wasted Rita. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; UNO. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Tony Cheung. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Sam 3. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Rub Kandy. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Paolo Buggiani. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Mathieu Tremblin. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Madame. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Left and Right: Leonardo Crudi; Kid Acne. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti; Berlin Kidz. Outdoor 2018 © Alberto Blasetti. All images courtesy of Outdoor.

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